What is FOCUS?

  1. A summer program for high school students
  2. An LSU Honors College student organization
  3. A service-learning opportunity at LSU
  4. All of the above

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“The dance seminar was a bit hard at first, because I didn’t think it was going to be like a ballet-type of dance. But we started with ballet, which was just a first step — and to me, it was actual fun.”

“We started to then do this dance to a Michael Jackson song, which was fun. It took us one week to complete the first half. But I got really dizzy when we were spinning!”

— Matthew Kinsey, age 16 FOCUS 2012 participant

Creative Writing

In the creative writing seminar, students developed short stories and poetry and participated in group writing games.


“All of the seminars are great, but my favorite seminar days would be in our music seminar. We learned different parts of a song like the chorus, bridge, and verse, and we used our knowledge of that in our ‘Parts of a Song Game.’ We received extra points for our extraordinary dance moves and instruments that we made in our seminar.”

“Of course, we ended our great music seminar with an epic dance circle. We even used our instruments to enliven the mood … As you can tell, it's never an average day of a human being. This is a day in the life of FOCUS.”

— Sara Cage, age 14 FOCUS 2012


While in the philosophy seminar, students engage in debates and learn how to think deeper.


The art seminar encompasses several aspects of art, such as sketching and painting, where students learn basics of drawing, shading, and blending colors.


Students participate in theater activities such as improvisation, writing your own monologue, and script writing.

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