Sights of River Road
Along the Mississippi River

East Baton Rouge and Iberville Parishes, Louisiana
Cycling in September and October, 2001

by Andy Deseran
LSU Sociology Professor Emeritus
(now living in Sonoma, CA)

Bayou Manchac


Rolled hay bales early in the morning 


Heading down Highway 75 (aka River Road) with the Levee on the right


Road signs in San Gabriel


St. Gabriel general store


Communications tower next to the general store in St. Gabriel


Power lines just over three miles from LSU
(indicates getting close to end of ride)


Barthel's General Store, established in 1890.  I occasionally would stop for a homemade sandwich.  It went out of business a few months ago.


Tiger Stadium on the way off the LSU campus


Highway 30 Truck Stop.  My turnaround point (29 miles from LSU). 
Usually stop in for a snack.


Some of the curious cows along the way


One of three rural black churches on the route


Another of the black churches in an area called Sunshine


Cemetery next to the Sunshine church


Iberville Parish sign


Large live oak tree with lots of Spanish moss


Another view of the live oak


Small cypress outbuilding among the oaks


Seemingly ineffective sign


Longwood Plantation sign (the plantation is no longer there)


Plaquemine ferry on the Mississippi River.  At 20 mile mark of bike ride


Shipyard about 1 mile from the ferry


River Road Restaurant, formerly a small general store,
about 1 mile from Barthel's store


Sign for a towing company on the river


Tractor in field along the levee

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