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Oil and Chemical Industries along the Mississippi

The oil and chemical industries are the largest private economic force in Baton Rouge.  Here is a view across the river from West Baton Rouge.

...One of Exxon's plants in West Baton Rouge.

...Another plant in East Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge is also a major port, partly to service the oil and chemical industries.  Legend has it that Gov. Huey Long built the "old" bridge north of the city low across the river in the 1930s so that the ocean-going vessels couldn't proceed further upriver.  This picture shows activity in the Port of Baton Rouge under the "new" Mississippi River Bridge.  Note the deep-water vessel (left) and the river barge and tugboat (center-right).

A view of the old bridge from the west...

...And the levee under the old bridge.  If you squint hard, you can see horseback riders in the distance...

...Patricia Roberts and Rebecca Bauerly, down from the levee at the end of their ride.  Although Baton Rouge is a metropolitan area of about a half million, it has many characteristics of a small town ... For instance, after asking the riders if we could take their picture, we discovered that Patricia is the sister-in-law of former sociology department staffer, Judy Roberts!

River-going tugboats and barges at a river-bend below the bluff at Southern University, north of the "old" bridge.

Washing down a tugboat.

The Pastime Lounge, under the "new" bridge, is a popular watering hole.


Riverboat Casinos on the Mississippi

There are nine riverboat casinos in Louisiana, and two of them are in Baton Rouge (background in lower picture).

Not a casino: the USS Kidd, a World War II-era destroyer, now a museum.


Southern University


Southern University is a historically African-American university.  Shown here are the library and the Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, dedicated in February 2000, during a visit by President Mandela, who received an honoary degree.

The Southern University Law School.

A live oak with spanish moss on the lake in the center of campus.

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