Mental Health Internships

Pre-Doctoral Training Program
The Southern Louisiana Internship Consortium provides a capstone experience in doctoral-level professional Psychology training. This American Psychological Association accredited doctoral internship program is a partnership between Louisiana State University and Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System. For more information, please view our SLIC Brochure (updated 6/15/2017).


Master's Internship Training Program
The program is based on the belief that awareness of the self enhances the ability to work effectively with others. The Mental Health Service staff includes licensed professionals from the fields of clinical psychology, clinical social work and psychiatry, as well as graduate students in these disciplines. All work together to provide quality consultation and treatment for LSU students as well as to provide meaningful training opportunities for mental health interns.


All graduate student interns are closely supervised by fully credentialed professionals. Our interns also receive supervised training in a clinical setting involving individual, group, and couples counseling, intake, and crisis intervention. In addition, interns receive training in program development, outreach skills, and various specialized therapeutic skills involving specific populations and treatment. Many of our training activities focus on the development of the professional use of self. Professional Use of Self is considered the intentional use of one's knowledge, experience, perceptions, and skills in the therapeutic relationship in order to benefit the client.