Pharmacy FAQs


1. Who can have prescriptions filled at the Pharmacy at LSU?
Any student, faculty, staff, or visitors may utilize the pharmacy.

2. Do you accept most insurance plans?
Yes. Present your current prescription benefits insurance card to the pharmacy when you have your prescription filled.

3. Do you fill prescriptions written by my hometown provider?

4. How do I pay for my medication?
The pharmacy accepts cash, credit cards, Tiger Cash, and most insurance plans.

5. Can I get a flu shot at the pharmacy?

6. Can I transfer a prescription to your pharmacy?
Yes. Tell us the name and telephone number of the pharmacy where your prescription was last filled; we will call that pharmacy and transfer your remaining refills to our pharmacy. 

7. How can I get a copy of my prescription records?
We do not release any information regarding your pharmacy records without your permission. You may either come by and present an ID or fax or mail a Release of Health Information Authorization Form to the pharmacy to authorize release of your pharmacy records.

8. Do you take back unused drugs?

10. Do you sell pseudoephedrine products?
Yes. You must present a photo ID.