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If you wish to subscribe to the LCL Newsletter, contact mtrosc2@lsu.edu.

February 2014LCL #95 (1.67MB PDF)
Into the Abyss of Louisiana’s Gulfward Boundary; Increasing Sea Turtle Mortality and the Shrimp Trawl Fisheries Industry; Handbook Shows Homeowners How to Prepare for Hazards; Announcements

December 2011LCL #94 (1.11MB PDF)
Changes in Coast Guard Regulation of Commercial Fishing Industry
Vessels; Flooding, Spillways and Legal Implications; Prior Converted Croplands: Courts Reign in the Power of the Army Corps of Engineers; Announcements

November 2010LCL #93 (1.89MB PDF)
Bills Passed in the 2010 Regular Legislative Session of the Louisiana Legislature Affecting Coastal Resource Use and Conservation; Announcements

July 2010LCL #92 (623KB PDF)
Legal Implications of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster; Resolution 60: the Coastal Zone Conundrum; The Redfish Bowfishing Exemption; Announcements

December 2009LCL #91 (693KB PDF)
Legislative Session Update; Elmer’s Island Reopens; Clean Water Restoration Act of 2009; Announcements

November 2008LCL #90 (634KB PDF)
Legislative Session Update; Hazard Mitigation Guidebook Overview; Announcements

April 2008LCL #89 (704KB PDF)
Boats, Hurricanes and the Law: What Owners Should Know; A Perfect Storm of Opportunities to Establish and Fund a Program to Reduce Misery and Protect Water Resources; Marc Hershman - A Remembrance

December 2006LCL #88 (621KB PDF)
Legislative Update; Parm v. Shumate; Announcements

October 2006LCL #87 (566KB PDF)
ABFE's; Rapanos v. U.S. and Carabell v. U.S. Corps of Engineers; A Nautical Disaster; Regional Research Plan; Federal Plan for Endangered Sawfish; Announcements

August 2005LCL #86 (176KB PDF)
Dr. Jack van Lopik Retires; Managing 21st Century Frontiers; Avenal v. Louisiana; Offshore Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities

December 2004LCL #85 (131KB PDF)
Bills and Resolutions Passed in the 2004 Regular Legislative Session of the Louisiana Legislature Affecting Coastal Resource Use and Conservation

May 2004LCL #84 (177KB PDF)
Marine Protected Areas; Analysis of Antidumpting Petition; South Florida Water Mgmt. District v. Miccosukee Tribe of Indians; Clean Marina Program; Legislation for Creation of LAIS and Advisory Task Force; Atty. General Opinions

November 2003LCL #83 (114KB PDF)
2003 Regular Legislative Session of the Louisiana Legislature Constitutional Amendments Proposed during the 2003 Regular Session and Approved
by Voters on October 4, 2003.

August 2003LCL #82 (155KB PDF)
Louisiana Open Meetings Law; Beneficial Use of Dredged Materials; Protection of Crocodilians; US PIRG vs. Atlantic Salmon of Maine; Determining the Impact of SWANCC; Oyster Liability; Louisiana's Seaward Boundaries

December 2002LCL #81 (218KB PDF)
Protection of Shipwrecks in Louisiana and Federal Waters; History of Wax Lake Controversy; Draft Code of Conduct for Responsible Aquaculture; Update on SWANCC vs. United States Army Corps of Engineers; Status of the Oceans; 2002-2003 1st Extraordinary Session; 2002-2003 Regular Legislative Session

April 2002LCL #80 (181KB PDF)
Coastal Restoration Efforts Prompt Legislature Changes in Oyster Leasing; The Legal Definition of "Marshlands" and the Implication for Wetlands in Louisiana
Nonindigenous Species; The Defense of Lake Tahoe; Bush Administration Weakens Wetland Protections; Federal Legislation Update Pew Oceans Conference on Marine Pollution

October 2001LCL #79 (220KB PDF)
2001 Extraordinary & Regular Legislative Sessions