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April 2001LCL #78 (51KB PDF)
Louisiana Senate Bill 1; Natural Resource Damage Assessment; Marine Reserves

March 2000LCL #76 (69KB PDF)
Usafe Oysters: Who's to Blame?; Jurisich vs. Jenkins, Oyster Leases; Atchafalya Basin Program; EPA's Office of Environmental Justice; Ballast Water Update

April 1999LCL #74 (660KB PDF)
Fishing in Troubled Waters: Essential Fish Habitat; US vs. Wilson; Invasive Species; Oyster Pasteurization; Clean Water Act

May 1998LCL #72 (776KB PDF)
Coast Guard Proposes National Ballast Water Regulations; A Place for States to Address Exotic Aquatics; Green Awards; New Scholarship Fund

December 1997LCL #71 (788KB PDF)
The "Essential Fish Habitat" Provisions of the Feeral Sustainable Fisheries Act; The Barataria-Terrebonne Natinoal Estuary Program Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan

December 1996LCL #69 (1.81MB PDF)
The Historic Development of Seaward Boundaries; Summaries of the Louisiana Legislation from the 1996 Extraordinary and Regular Sessions

May 1996LCL #68 (1.66MB PDF)
Limited Entry: Is Louisiana Ready?

October 1995LCL #66 (1.36MB PDF)
Marsh Management and the Public/ Private Balance in Land Rights

August 1992LCL #63 (855KB PDF)
Comparative Study of STate Aquaculture Regulation and Reccommendations for Louisiana

July 1991LCL #61 (977KB PDF)
Louisiana Oil Spill Prevention Response Act

August 1987LCL #56 (822KB PDF)
TEDS and the Endangered Species Act of 1973; Turtle Protection Regulations; Louisiana Reaction to TED Regulations; Turtle Protection Regulations Table

January 1986LCL #54 (777KB PDF)
Louisiana Port, Harbor, and Terminal District: Their Power Over Riverbanks
Louisiana's "Nine-Mile"; Territorial Sea

December 1984LCL #51 (775KB PDF)
The Effects of the Proposed Exclusive Economic Zone Implementation Acts on the Magnuson Act

December 1984LCL #43 (706KB PDF)
Legal Implications of Coastal Erosion in Louisiana; Atchafalya Basin Update

March 1981LCL #40 (3.69MB PDF)
Louisiana's Real Estate Proposal for the Atchafalaya Basin

February 1981LCL #39 (572KB PDF)
The Gulf Shrimp Management Plan

February 1980LCL #36 (554KB PDF)
Law of the Sea Treaty: Where it Stands and What it Means; Aquaculture and Federal Food and Drug Regulation

July 1979 LCL #34 (2.70MB PDF)
The Atchafalaya Basin

March 1979 LCL #33 (621KB PDF)
Liability for Offshore Oil Spills; Hazardous Wast Control in Louisiana

December 1978LCL #32 (425KB PDF)
Fund for Damaged Fishing Gear; Boundaries Through the Lakes

October 1978LCL #31 (574KB PDF)
Louisiana's First Use Tax; The Gill Net Decision

August 1978LCL #30 (589KB PDF)
The State and Local Coastal Reources Management Act of 1978

(Date ? ) — LCL #29 (411KB PDF)
Impact of the Failure of the Sea Conference on Louisiana; Louisiana Coastal Zone Management

December 1977LCL #28 (2.38MB PDF)
Corps Permit Regulations

September 1977LCL #27 (375KB PDF)
Coastal Zone Act; Gill Nets; Energy

June 1977LCL #26 (418KB PDF)
Management of Fisheries; Coastal Resource Management

February 1977LCL #25 (2.08MB PDF)
Deepwater Port License; Coastal Energy Impact Program; Louisiana Coastal Commission

September 1976LCL #24 (2.93MB PDF)
Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments of 1976

July 1976LCL #23 (384KB PDF)
The Fishery and Conservation and Management Act of 1976

December 1975LCL #22 (496KB PDF)
Louisiana: A Sportsman's; Paradise Lost?; How Does the Public View Louisiana's Coastal Recreation?; Is Outdoor Recreation Big; Business in Louisiana?; How do Legislators View; Coastal Recreation?; Who is Responsible If Someone Gets Injured?

November 1974LCL #18 (525KB PDF)
The 1974 Louisiana Special and Regular Sessions; The Tidelands Report; Law of the Sea

January 1974LCL #15 (2.23MB PDF)
Louisiana Moves Toward CZM; Conference on Coastal Zone Management in Louisiana

October 1973LCL #14 (2.64MB PDF)
Building Coastal Zone Managment in LA

April 1973LCL #10 (298KB PDF)
Shrimp Laws; Louisiana Advisory Commission on Coastal and Marine Resources (LACCMR); Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1973 (CC-73)

December 1972LCL #8 (428KB PDF)
The Federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972

October 1972LCL #7 (297KB PDF)
International Law and Louisiana's Coastal Industries

September 1971 LCL #1 (321KB PDF)
Introducing LCL; 1971 Louisiana Legislation