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Photo: Meagan A. StewartMeagan A. Stewart
Legal Intern from December 2010 – April 2011

Educational Background:

I graduated from Louisiana State University’s Law Center in 2012. I am a member of the Minnesota Bar and the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Current Employment:

I am Of Counsel at Battina Law, PLLC in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At Battina Law, we specialize in civil litigation. We take an out-of-the-box approach to legal practice and give our clients the individualized attention they need to fully understand their legal rights. In my free time, I also enjoy legal blogging.

What was your favorite project while working at Louisiana Sea Grant?

While I was at Louisiana Sea Grant, I had the opportunity to research several challenging legal issues. My favorite project involved researching whether the Louisiana Legislature could extend the state’s gulfward boundary by three marine leagues into the Gulf of Mexico. The project involved researching federal and state laws and over 70 years of Supreme Court jurisprudence. After beginning my research, I realized the legal issue also required delving into Louisiana’s Constitution of 1812 and several historical documents surrounding Louisiana’s admission into the Union. After weeks of research, I felt comfortable making statutory recommendations on the issue to the Office of the Louisiana Attorney General, who in turn, advised the Louisiana Legislature on this issue. The project was intellectually challenging and a truly rewarding legal experience.

How did your work at Louisiana Sea Grant prepare you for your current job?

At Louisiana Sea Grant, I developed strong legal research and writing skills. In practice, these skills are necessary for effective advocacy. At Louisiana Sea Grant, I also learned to think outside the box about legal problems. The solution to a legal problem will not always be in a statute or case. Often, an attorney has to dig deeper and consider a variety of factors surrounding a legal issue, including the social, economic and historical ramifications. Louisiana Sea Grant allowed me to fully develop these very important skills.

Any advice for students interested in environmental or coastal law issues?

Students should search for employment opportunities in environmental law. Louisiana Sea Grant is a great place for law students to begin a career in environmental or coastal law. Louisiana Sea Grant gives law students the chance to work on real and pressing environmental legal issues that affect the people of Louisiana and residents across the Gulf Coast. At Louisiana Sea Grant, students also grow professionally and develop strong legal skills that are useful in any type of practice.