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     Presentation by LSU A&M Faculty Senate President Kenneth McMillin: “Becoming a Faculty Senate President: The First Days as a Leader, the First Steps as an Advocate-Activist-Aide-Archon” (PowerPoint) (September 2017)
     Results and analysis: statewide survey of faculty by Matthew Butkus (PDF) (May 2017)
     Presentation by LSU A&M IT Services expert John Borne: “IT Audit Processes and 2016 Email Audit” (PowerPoint) (May 11, 2017)
     Presentation by LSU A&M IT Services expert John Borne regarding phishing, Workday, and computer security (PowerPoint) (February 22, 2017)
     Presentation by Howard Bunsis, Chair of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, concerning the economics and politics of Louisiana higher education and reviewing prospects for faculty unionization (February 2017) (PDF from PowerPoint)
     Results and preliminary analysis of the statewide Faculty Impact Survey by Matthew Butkus and Michael Meeks (February 2017) (PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Lewis Deaton concerning recommended faculty responses to Act 619 of the Louisiana Legislature (February 2017) (PowerPoint)
     “Satellites looking for a Planet while Avoiding Collisions: Leading and Organizing Fragmented Faculty on a Research Campus” by Michelle Arnold of LSUHSC–Shreveport (February 2017) (PowerPoint)
     Briefing by Ed Nobles and Colorado Robertson concerning the duties, services, and assignments of the LSU A&M Risk Management office (November 2016) (PDF from PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Arthur Penn concerning the duties, procedures, and assignments of the LSU A&M Faculty Senate Grievance Committee (November 2016) (PowerPoint)
     Presentation at the Alexandria Summit Meeting by Bernard Gallagher on the humanities in Louisiana’s small-to-medium-sized universities (October 2016) (PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Matthew Butkus at the Alexandria Summit Meeting on piloting community outreach at McNeese State University (October 2016) (PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Professor Don Chance on retirement investing (April 2016) (PowerPoint)
     Inaugural presentation in the “Scholarly and Artistic Work of Deans” Faculty Senate Forum series: “Limits to Sustainability" by Christopher D’Elia (November 2015) (PDF from PowerPoint)

     Report by Deloitte consultatns to the Board of Regents regarding aspects of the higher education master plan (November 2015) (PDF from PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Barry Humphus of SOWELA regarding laedership training programs for academic professionals (September 2015) (PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Sonya Hester of Southern University Shreveport on public outreach and connecting with decision makers (June 2015) (PowerPoint)
     Presentative by Howard Bunsis, Chair of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, on the financing of Louisiana higher edudcation (May 2015) (PDF from PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Commissioner of Higher Education Joseph C. Rallo, “Louisiana Higher Education: An Outlook and analysis” (May 2015) (PDF from PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Suresh Rai: “Invisible Minorities in Higher Education” (May 2015) (PowerPoint)
     Forum on the Budget and the Budgeting Process, convened by LSUnited and the LSU Faculty Senate at LSU A&M (9 March 2015) (video)
     Forum on the Future of Higher Education, convened at Southern University Shreveport (5 March 2015) (video accessed via YouTube)
     Presentation, Budgeting: Process, Problems, Participation, Possibilities, by Kevin L. Cope, given at the LSUnited Budget Forum (PowerPoint) (March 2015)
     Presentation, Advocacy and Liberty, by Michael Swanbom at the Alexandria Summit Meeting (PowerPoint converted to PDF) (February 2015)
     Presentation, Reflections on the First Year of Retirement, by Pratul Ajmera at the Alexandria Summit Meeting (PowerPoint) (February 2015)
     Presentation, The Joys and Challenges of Biomedical Research in the Era of Belt-Tightening, by John A. Vanchiere M.D., Ph.D. (PowerPoint converted to PDF) (February 2015)
     Presentation by LSU Librarian Sigrid Kelsey regarding hosting of open-access journals (PowerPoint) (January 2015)
     Presentation to ALFS by LCTCS President Monty Sullivan (PowerPoint) (December 2014)
     Presentation to ALFS by John Anderson regarding the response of northern Louisiana higher education institutions to revenue reductions (PowerPoint) (February 2014)
     Presentation by Brian Salvatore concerning the economic benefits of green energy and of improved energy efficiency in Louisiana universities (PowerPoint) (December 2013)
     Interview of Kevin L. Cope by Kenny Benitez, Channel 17 in Hammond, during Cope’s visit to the Faculty Senate of Southeastern Louisiana University (video) (October 2013)
     Presentation by Grambling State University faculty member Matthew Ware on the status of Physics curricular at HBCUs (PowerPoint) (October 2013)
     Presentation by SOWELA faculty member Barry Humphus concerning the Higher Education Revenue District proposal (PowerPoint) (October 2013)
     Spreadsheet to accompany Barry Humphus’s presentation on the Higher Education Revenue District proposal (Excel spreadsheet) (October 2013)
     Presentation to legislators on the value of higher education by Shreveport faculty and administrators (PowerPoint) (May 2013)
     2013 Bills in the Legislature being followed by the Board of Regents (PowerPoint) (May 2013)
     Projected retirement benefits for various ORP-style retirement plans, including the proposed cash balance plan (PDF) (May 2013)
     2013 TRSL update on retirement plans and legislation, presented 9 April 2013 at an LSUnited-LSU Faculty Senate event (PDF version of PowerPoint) (April 2013)
     LSU System Activity Metrics: Research and Technology Transfer (by Nicole Honorée) (PowerPoint) (March 2013)
     2013 action plan for the Board of Regents Legislative Committee (December 2012)
     Presentation by LSUHSC professor Tammy Dugas: salary comparisons, deficiencies, and inequities at Louisiana medical and allied health campuses (PowerPoint) (February 2012)
     Remarks on restructuring higher education by LSU Council of Faculty Advisors and ALFS Vice-President Kevin L. Cope to the LSU Board of Supervisors, 3 February 2012 (audio)
     Presentation by LSU Assistant Vice-Chancellor Saundra McGuire concerning the activities and proposals of the LSU Retention Committee
     Presentation by Commissioner of Higher Education Jim Purcell to the joint ALFS/LSCC meeting in Alexandria, November 2011 (PowerPoint)
     Presentation by Marie Frank and James Frazier regarding new procurement procedures subsequent to LAGRAD Act 2, October 2011 (PowerPoint)
     Presentation summarizing the final report of the Museum and Performance Action Plan Task Force, October 2011 (PowerPoint)
     Presentation by J. K. Haynes: “Institutional Support for the Changing Nature of Faculty Work over a Career,” 8 April 2011 (PowerPoint)
     Faculty Senate-Chancellor Forum, “Leaping Off the Cliff or Over the Chasm: LSU During and After the Recession,” 16 March 2011 (video)
     Faculty Senate-Chancellor Forum, “The Budget: Paying for a Great University,” 28 September 2010 (video)
          Alternate, excerpt and highlights view of selections from the “Budget” Forum via the LSU Channel (must click one of the following):  Excerpt I    Excerpt II    Excerpt III
     2010 Faculty Senate football ticket lottery, June 2010 (video)
     Testimony by Senate President Kevin L. Cope to Louisiana House Retirement Committee, 13 May 2010 (in “Legislative Testimony,” item one) (video)
     Presentation to the Faculty Senate by Faculty Athletic Representative Dydia DeLyser, 6 May 2010 (.pdf)
     Two-Chancellor Faculty Senate Forum, “The Future of Louisiana Research Universities,” 15 April 2010
     Candidate Forums, Vice-Chancellor for Research and Economic Development (video):
          Colin Scanes (16 March 2010)
          Kevin Carman (18 March 2010)
          Jerry Draayer (24 March 2010)
     President’s report to the Faculty Senate, 18 February 2010 (video)
     Faculty Senate-Chancellor Forum, “Battling Navigators and Shifting Winds: The Future of the Flagship,” 10 February 2010 (video) (first fifteen minutes missing owing to
          technical fault]) 
     Faculty Senate-Chancellor Forum, “The University with Dressing and Gravy: Programs, Administration, Arrangement, and Occasionally Expansion” 11 November 2009
     Faculty Senate-Chancellor Forum, “Economic as well as Agricultural and Mechanical: Money and the Many Futures of LSU,” 6 October 2009 (video)
     Senate President’s presentation, 2009 New Faculty Orientation (PowerPoint)
     Faculty Senate discussion of the ORP resolution, 10 September 2009 (video)
     President’s report and Chancellor Martin’s presentation, Faculty Senate meeting of 10 September 2009 (video)
     Football ticket raffle, June 2009 (video) 
     Faculty Senate—Chancellor—Provost Forum, “Vistas of Reorganization,” 14 April 2009 (video)

     Faculty Senate—Chancellor Forum, “The Budgetary Futures of the University,” 18  March 2009 (video)
     Chart of the New Committee Structure (2007) (.pdf)

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