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The LSU Faculty Senate was established in 1973 and has been delegated the authorities and responsibilities of the Faculty Council (all full-time members of the LSU academic staff having the rank of instructor or higher). The Faculty Senate is an elected body representing the faculty in the colleges and schools of LSU. For every 25 full-time faculty, a college or school is awarded one senate seat. Senators are elected to three-year terms. The Faculty Senate meets monthly during the academic year. The Faculty Senate is a major institutional component of shared governance at LSU. This body represents the interests of the faculty on academic matters such as educational policy, faculty policies, standards of instruction, and curricula and degree requirements. The Faculty Senate Executive-Committee consists of three officers (President, Vice-President, and Secretary) and three at-large members elected by the Faculty Senate, and the immediate Past President (ex officio). The purpose of the Executive Committee is to implement policy as directed by the Faculty Senate and to represent the Faculty Senate in dealings with university officials. It also has several standing and ad hoc committees. Each committee has specific charges and powers delegated to it by the Faculty Senate. Occasionally, the Faculty Senate appoints special or ad-hoc committees to complete a specific task over a set period of time.


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