Organic Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminars are hosted by Semin Lee at 12:30 pm on Tuesdays in 215 Williams Hall (Tower Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70808)

Spring 2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials/Advisor Title Host
01/16 Seminar Organization      

Dancan Njeri

Xin Zhou

Justin Ragains

Semin Lee


Fatimat Badmus 

Ovini Kankanamge

Rendy Kartika

Robin McCarley

02/06 Joshua Van Houten Rendy Kartika Literature  
02/13 Mardi Gras      
02/20 Binod Nepal Rendy Kartika Literature  
02/27 Professor Wolf Kramer Millsaps College Photochemistry of Bifunctional Heteroaromatic Salts: Analysis of Transient Species and DNA Interactions Semin Lee
03/06 Moshood Ganiu Rendy Kartika  Literature  
03/13 Professor Tanay Kesharwani University of West Florida Synthesis of Nitrogen Sulfur and Selenium Containing Heterocycles via Halocyclization Reactions Rendy Kartika
03/20 Melissia Porter Justin Ragains Literature  
03/27 Spring Break      
04/03 Maodie Wang Graca Vicente  Research: Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Boron Functionalization using Trimethylsilyl Nucleophiles and BODIPY Stability Study  
04/10 Professor Nathalie Busschaert Tulane University How supramolecular chemistry can help in drug development: artificial transporting systems and membrane recognition Semin Lee
04/17 Professor Julie Pigza University of Southern Mississippi Reaction Development to Address Challenges in Synthesis Justin Ragains
04/24 Ashley Fulton Justin Ragains Research  


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