Final Defenses Summer 2017 


Date Time Student Advisor Room Degree Title
10/12 1:00 PM Mirza Saputra Kartika 302 CMB PhD  New Synthetic Reactions Towards Global Chloration adn Enamides Functionalization
10/20 1:30 PM Phillip Charles Chambers Garno 100 CMB PhD Self-Assembly Mechanisms of Organosilane and Porphyrins Nanostructures Investigated with Scanning Probe Microscopy
10/26 9:00 AM Kelsey McNeel Warner 210 Choppin PhD Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels and GUMBOS
10/26 1:00 PM Huimin Zhong Macnaughtan 202 CMB MS Expression, Purification and Characterization of EGF27 From the Notch1 Abruptex Region
11/7 3:00 PM Ashley Taylor Garno 210 Chopin PhD Nanopatterns of Zinc Phthalocyanines, Porphyrins, and Gold Nanoparticles Prepared Using Particle Lithography: Characterization of Patterning Steps with Scanning Probe Microscopy
11/8 10:00 AM Kristina Deveaux Ragains 202 CMB PhD Development of Remote Hydroxylation Via Redox Catalysis and Mild Activation of Thioglycosides for O-Glycoslation
11/8 3:00 PM Holden Smith Haber/Lopata 210 Choppin PhD Coupled Plasmon/Molecule Dynamics Near Core-Shell Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Ultrafast Characterization and Quantum/Classical Modeling
11/10 10:00 AM Jessica Simpson Zhang 100 CMB PhD Synthesis, Characterization, and Assessment of Cationic Polypeptoids Towards Gene Delivery and Development of Air Stable N-Substitued N-Carboxyanydrides
11/14 2:00 PM Jumao Yuan Butler 302 CMB PhD Image Analysis Workflow for Interferometry/Topography Volumes of Additive Manufacturing Test Articles
11/16 3:00 PM Albert Chao Zhang 100 CMB PhD Synthesis and Characterization of Covalent Adaptable Networks Comprised of Dynamic Imine and Aminal Covalent Bonds
11/27 10:00 AM Chien-Hung Chiang Nesterov 100 CMB PhD Higher Entergy Gap Control of Fluorescence in Conjugated Polymers
12/12 10:00 AM Nimisha Bhattarai Warner 100 CMB PhD Chemotherapeutic Application of Rhodamine-Based NanoGUMBOS