Final Defenses Spring 2017 


Date Time Student Advisor Room Degree Title
3/6 10:30 AM  Raju Kumal Haber 210 Choppin  PhD Nanoparticle-Based Drug-Delivery Systems
3/14 9:00 AM Qianli Meng   Vicente 202 CMB  PhD Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Near Infrared
BODIPY Dyes for Various Applications
3/16 10:00 AM Nerissa Lewis Marzilli

 210 Choppin 


N-Donor Ligands as Potential Linkers for Bioconjugation

3/21 11:00 AM Marshall Moulis Stanley 202 CMB PhD Hydroformylation and Aldehyde-Water Shift Catalysis by Dirhodium
Tetraphosphine Complexes
3/23 1:30 PM Tyrslai Williams  Vicente  100 CMB  PhD Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Innovative BODIPY-Peptidic
Conjugates for Biological Application
3/27 2:00 PM Rashanique Quarels  Ragains   100 CMB PhD Applications of Visible Photocataylsis for the Formation of Organic
Thin Films on Au(111) Surfaces and the Development of the
Bronsted Acid-cataylzed O-Glycosylations Using Thioglycosides
3/29 12:30 PM Zachary Highland Garno 302 CMB PhD Nanoscale Studies of Proteins and Gold Thin Films Using Scanning
Probe Microscopy
3/29 10:00 AM Punprabhashi Vidanapathirana Warner  210 Choppin PhD Improved Protein Characterizations Using Ionic Liquids
3/30 2:0 PM Jianbo Ma Kuroda 202 CMB MS Spectroscopic Investigation on the Molecular Mechanism of the
Phase Transition of Thermosensitive Polymers
3/31 10:30 AM Elizabeth Okoth Vicente   100 CMB PhD Synthesis, Characterizaton and Biological Evaluation of
Monoisomeric Zinc Phthalocyanines for Imaging and Photodynamic
4/10 10:00 AM  Punprabhashi Vidanapathirana Warner  210 Choppin  PhD Improved Protein Characterizations Using Ionic Liquids
4/27 1:00 PM Bijeta Prasai McCarley 202 Choppin PhD Fluorescent Probe Interrogation of a Cytoprtective Cancer-Linked
Oxidoreductase in Two-Dimensional Human Cell Cultures and Solid
Tumor Mimics