Macromolecular Chemistry Seminar

Macromolecular Chemistry Seminars are hosted by David Spivak at 12:30 pm pm on Fridays in 214 Williams  (Tower Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70808)

Spring 2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials /Advisor Title
January 19

 Cristina Sabliov

Richard R. & Betty S. Fenton Alumni Professor, Louisiana State University
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Drug Delivery with Polymeric Nanoparticles
January 26 TBA    
February 02 TBA    
February 09 TBA    
February 16 TBA    
February 23 TBA    
March 02 TBA    
March 09 TBA    
March 16 TBA    
March 23 TBA    
March 30 SPRING BREAK    
April 06 TBA    
 April 13  TBA    
 April 20  TBA    
 April 27  TBA    

  * Joint LaCNS/Macromolecular seminar


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