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CAMD is a synchrotron radiation research center at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. The mission of CAMD is to provide infrastructure for research and education in synchrotron-based science and technology. 

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NMR Facility 

The NMR Facility houses five high-resolution solution-state spectrometers and one solid-state spectrometer. Spectrometers are networked to facilitate the data transfer to an investigator’s personal computer for off-line data processing.

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Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Facility houses five mass spectrometers provides analytical support for the Chemistry Department and other academic departments at LSU, researchers at other universities, and customers from private industry. 

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Glass Blowing Shop

The Glass Blowing Shop provides support to the faculty and researchers. The shop's primary mission is to design and fabricate prototypes of specialty laboratory equipment as well as repair existing types of glass apparatus and equipment.

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X-ray Crystallography Facility

The on-campus facility for macromolecular crystallography houses a Nonius FR591 rotating anode with a Mar345 image plate detector. The system is equipped with Osmic mirrors. An Oxford Cryojet allows data collection at low temperature.

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Polymer Analysis Laboratory

Polymer Analysis Laboratory (PAL) includes several state-of-the-art GPC-MALS and AF4 systems for the measurement of absolute mass and size distributions of macromolecules or particles. PAL also has light scattering (DLS and SLS) thermal analysis, zeta potential, and optical microscopy instrumentation.

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Biotechnology Laboratory

The LSU AgCenter Biotechnology Laboratory (ABL) is a core facility that provides basic and applied research expertise to support researchers in the LSU system as well as those in other academic institutions and industry.

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Electronics Shop

The electronics shop for use by all College of Sciences faculty is located in a new and spacious facility in the Physics Department, about two blocks from Chemistry.

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Shipping and Receiving 

The Chemistry Shipping and Receiving office located at 133 Choppin Hall is the central receiving point for ALL shipments to the Department of Chemistry. 

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