Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Information

The curricula in the Department of Biological Sciences (Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, and Microbiology) include the courses required for entrance into most medical/dental schools.

Between 155 and 175 LSU graduates were admitted annually to medical schools in the U.S. over the last four years. More than 80% of these LSU graduates earned degrees in the Department of Biological Sciences. Students from the College of Science have a success rate above the national average in being admitted to medical schools.

The counselors in the College of Science are the primary premedical/predental advisors at LSU. Besides advising students, the College of Science links a great deal of useful information on their web page that you will find helpful if you are interested in a career in medicine or dentistry.

Also, a wealth of information and support can be found at AED, a pre-professional health, honor society at LSU. AED holds meetings every two weeks designed to expose students to career options within the health care field.