Marine Biology

Summer Courses in Marine Biology

It's hard to immerse yourself in marine biology when you're hours from the ocean. Summer courses offer an opportunity to explore marine life in beautiful places with like minded students. Some lists of available courses follow. Many offer scholarships and/or financial aid. Be sure to check and see whether credits transfer to LSU before you put your money down.

Jeff Levinton's Marine Course Guide

Programs in Dominica, West Indies (with scholarships!)


Salt Spray Experiences with Off-Campus Internships

SEA Semester at Woods Hole

Pacific Whale Foundation


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Marine Biology Links

Helping Marine Animals Stranded on the Beach 

Paul Yancey's Deep-Sea Pages

The Cephalopod Page

What's Under You?

Jeff Levinton's Marine Biology Web

 Slug Site!!

Ocean Link

Oceana's Searchable Marine Life Encyclopedia

Coral Reef Facts

The Concentration - the course of study here at LSU

LUMCON - what's happening at Cocodrie


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