Student Conduct Board


Student Conduct Board Mission Statement


To provide aid, set and uphold standards, educate residents and promote community by displaying leadership for the good of all Residential Life.

- Written & Adopted by the 2004-05 Student Conduct Board in January 2005


Student Conduct Board Mission


The Residential Life Student Conduct Board exists to provide students with the opportunity to be actively involved in the educational disciplinary process of the University. Through the Student Conduct Board, violations of Residential Life policies may be addressed by the peers of the person accused.


The functions of the Student Conduct Board are as follows:


•          To provide a peer level hearing body which is aware of and sensitive to the University’s disciplinary philosophy.


            •          To act as an extension of the Department of Residential Life in

administering disciplinary due process at a level close to where the alleged violation originates.


            •          To educate students as to the responsibilities inherent in an

on-campus community, including abiding by policies that are established for the safety and welfare of the community.


•          To provide those students serving on the Student Conduct Board

opportunity for leadership and service to the on-campus residential community and University.


·         Qualifications

o   Must live on-campus in a building operated by the Department of Residential Life

o   Must be in ‘good standing’ with the University

o   Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA

o   Must not be an RHA executive officer

o   Must not be employed by the Department of Residential Life.

**Except as a Desk Assistant or Tour Guide.

o   Must be available for all training dates.

o   Must be available to meet weekly for hearings.

o   Applicants must be available to attend all training sessions.

    (Typically conducted after 5:00 PM)

o   Applicants must be available to attend weekly Student Conduct board hearings



   Student Conduct Board Application



Department of Residential Life - Student Conduct Office
110 Highland Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225/578-5387
FAX: 225/334-5205

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