Select Room With Roommate


  • View your housing status before you begin. If an assignment is displayed under “Assignment Information” you will not be allowed to participate in the on-line process.
  • You are allowed to invite another student in any other group to your space.  If a student already has an assignment, you will be unable to invite them into a space until room changes during June 17-30.
  • Begin the room selection process through the Residential Life Web page at so that you will be directed through the correct on-line frames.
  • Read all frame instructions entirely so that your on-line experience will be a good one
  • You will need the PAWS ID (not the 89XXXXXX) of your requested roommate.
  • You must select a room that has at least two available spaces (one for each student) in order to invite a roommate to a room.
  • The online system will not allow you to invite more than one roommate.  An invited roommate cannot invite another student.
  • A space will be held in your room until your requested roommate accepts or declines the invitation. All holds will be released at 2:00 PM the following day.
  • You can view your roommate invitation status online.  Please follow the quick reference frames link below.
  • You may not invite students with Residential College, Honors House, or Leadership & Service LLC assignments.
  • View and print your housing status after you have confirmed your assignment
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Click here for the New Assignment Guide Book for more information and step-by-step instructions

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