• It is the obligation of each student to activate his or her e-mail account, to routinely check it for new messages, and to keep it in good working condition.
  • The Department of Residential Life will use e-mail to send official communication to students. You are automatically assigned your official e-mail address when you become a student, and you should routinely check this e-mail address just as you would your post office box. The Department of Residential Life uses e-mail to communicate important and often time sensitive information to residents such as: housing assignments, bulletins, and information concerning important housing processes.
  • If at any time between May 28 - June 30 there is a need to reschedule the on-line process, students will be notified through their PAWS e-mail accounts. We advise you to check your e-mail accounts often to get the latest news and updates from Residential Life.
  • In order to be correctly directed through the assignment process, please start at our Residential Life homepage

Click here for the New Assignment Guide Book for more information and step-by-step instructions

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