• Active housing application for fall 2013
  • Only one assignment can be confirmed on-line during the designated assignment scheduled dates May 28 - June 8
  • Refer to the ROOM CHANGE tab for details on the ON-LINE ROOM CHANGE Process starting June 17
  • East and West Campus apartments will not be an option for students with a high school graduation date of 2013, and are only available to second-year students or higher


  • Assignments for Agricultural Residential College, Science Residential College, Information Technology Residential College, Global Connections Residential College, Herget Residential College, East & West Laville/Honors House, Business Residential College, Engineering Residential College, Mass Communications Residential College, and Leadership & Service LLC, will be made by Residential Life Assignment staff.
  • Students assigned to a Residential College, Honors House, or Leadership & Service LLC are not allowed to participate in the on-line room or room change selection because of scheduling priorities.
  • If you have applied for a Residential College, Honors House, or Leadership & Service LLC and have not been assigned to a space in one of these buildings you must make an assignment in a traditional hall. Students who are on waiting lists for Residential Colleges, the Honors House, or Leadership & Service LLC will be reassigned from traditional halls to Residential Colleges, Honors buildings, or Leadership & Service LLC as space becomes available.


  • Assignments for students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services will be made by Residential Life Assignment Staff and student will not participate in the on-line room selection or room change process.


  • The Athletic Department will assign scholarship athletes in July. Please contact the Athletic Department if you are unsure of your status. Non-scholarship athletes will follow the Schedule for New Student On-Line Assignments.


  • If your assignment becomes partially occupied at any time prior to fall opening, you may be reassigned by Assignment Staff to another space within your assigned residence hall to consolidate space.

Click here for the New Assignment Guide Book for more information and step-by-step instructions

FAX: 225-578-5576
PHONE: 225-578-8663