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Engineering Residential College

The Engineering Residential College (ERC) is a living-learning community dedicated to developing the next generation of engineers, construction managers, and computer scientists, who will face the technical challenges of a global economy. ERC's primary goal  is to foster a positive academic environment in order to jump start students’ professional development.

More than 350 first-year students with a declared major in the College of Engineering enjoy this active community in Residential College One - North Hall on the west side of campus.

In addition to being a part of the on campus community and Residential College One - North Hall community, students in the Engineering Residential College also benefit from these unique opportunities provided in this living-learning community:

  • Live and take classes with the same group of peers (sometimes right in their res hall), creating a smaller network within the larger LSU campus
  • Have priority course scheduling
  • Network with faculty members and college administrators
  • Access to faculty during office hours held in the community
  • Offers academic programs and regularly-scheduled evening Supplemental Instruction in math, physics, and chemistry
  • Attend corporate-sponsored events aimed at exposing students to internships, Co-Ops, and engineering, construction management, and computer science careers
  • Access to in-community tutoring and faculty office hours

Requirements and Eligibility

To participate in the Engineering Residential College, students must:

  • Be a first-year student with a declared major in the College of Engineering – biological, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, or petroleum engineering, construction management, computer science, or engineering undecided
  • Meet certain ACT/SAT scores to be eligible for math course placement.
  • Enroll in at least two courses offered through ERC in both the fall and spring semesters
    • Contact Arlyn Saucier, academic counselor, at or 225-578-5731 for scheduling assistance
  • See the complete list of requirements here. 


Application and Room Assignments

  • Eligible students should select the Engineering Residential College as their housing preference on the housing application.
  • Engineering Residential College staff reviews the applicants for eligibility and notifies residents of their acceptance into the program beginning in late fall.
  • ERC residents can search for potential roommates in the online housing portal in January and will begin making room selections in April.
  • For housing application and room assignment information, please contact Res Life at 225-578-8663.
  • For Engineering Residential College eligibility information, please contact ERC staff listed below. 


Residential College One - North Hall

Residential College One - North Hall provides everything students need to be successful: offices where faculty advisors hold office hours, a classroom in the building, multiple study spaces, beautiful courtyards, and a great location on the west side of campus.



ERC Staff

Mark Rabalais
Engineering Residential College
Faculty Rector

ERC Staff

David Morris
Residence Life Coordinator