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The Media Diversity Forum is designed to serve inclusiveness by seeking resources, supporting research, stimulating dialogue, sponsoring programs and sharing techniques.


- James M. McNamara: “Big Media Has Not Been Friendly to Hispanics Because it is All About Preserving the Status Quo” (Source: Portada)

- Poverty, fertility and health among Hispanics in America’s new immigrant destinations (Source: Journalist's Resource)

- Hispanics at the starting line: Poverty among newborn infants in established gateways and new destinations (Source: Social Forces)

- Dear Urban Outfitters: Stop telling white people it's OK to steal from Native American culture (Source: The Daily Dot)

- Eastern Michigan University investigating “Red-Face” party which led to racial slur towards elderly American Indian man (Source: Native News Online)

Top Headlines

- "Yidl in the Middle" trailer: Growing up Jewish in Iowa (Source: New Day Films)

- Leading journalists talk tech, transformation and diversity: Highlights from the Shorenstein Center, 2015 (Source: Journalist's Resource)

- George Takei and Company to Hollywood gatekeepers: Fix your diversity problem (Source: NPR)

- Clorox ‘Apologizes’ for tweet about diverse emojis (Source: DiversityInc.)

- Racially divided communities, voting patterns and new research on threat perceptions (Source: Journalist's Resource)

- Class and age: Growing older and getting poorer (New America Media)

- 2015 State of On-Screen Diversity(Source: National Urban League)

Remembering Dori J. Maynard

Dori J. Maynard

Dori J. Maynard has been a model for those of us working on the Media Diversity Forum. We have appreciated her advice and sharing of information, and we value the leadership she and the Maynard Institute have provided to efforts across this country to increase diversity and social justice in the media. We knew she always would be available when we reached out to her. But most of all we will miss her as a wonderful person and a true friend.

- Ralph Izard
Executive Director, Media Diversity Forum
Feb. 25, 2015.

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- Sally Lehrman on Dori Maynard: "A Legacy of Fierce Love" (Maynard Institute | March 3, 2015)

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