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The Media Diversity Forum is designed to serve inclusiveness by seeking resources, supporting research, stimulating dialogue, sponsoring programs and sharing techniques.


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Where are all the minority journalists?

By Gillian White
(July 24, 2015 | The Atlantic) - Landing an entry-level gig in a newsroom is no easy task. Positions that are truly open to the public are hard to come by, and when one pops up, competition is fierce. So what does it take to get a job in the industry right now? Applicants just need to be savvy, persistent—and it also helps a lot if they’re white. Read more

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Pinterest sets a diversity target for 2016

(July 30, 2015 | WSJ Blog) - The image-sharing site today said it has put in place specific diversity goals for 2016, including increasing the hiring rate for full time engineering roles to 30% women and 8% underrepresented minorities. For non-engineering roles, it aims to hire 12% of workers from underrepresented minorities. Read more

Facebook shares its internal diversity training

(July 28, 2015 | Wall Street Journal Blog) - Facebook Inc. is sharing best practices from its diversity training – though its employment of women and minorities has barely budged. Read more

Meet the generation of incredible Native American women fighting to preserve their culture

By Danielle Seewalker
(Nov. 24, 2014 | Marie Claire) - Native Americans represent just one per cent of the US population and some languages have only one speaker left. Now a new generation is fighting to preserve the culture. Read more

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Death of Paul Castaway reflects that American Indians are most likely racial group to be killed by law enforcement

By Tristan Ahtone
(July 21, 2015 | Al-Jazeera America) - She knew her son was dead when she heard the gunshots. At least four staccato pops in a matter of seconds. Four bullets fired in the same amount of time needed to open a bottle of soda or to steal a kiss.

“I told [the police] that my son was mentally ill, I tell them that every time I call,” said Lynn Eagle Feather. “I just asked for help. Instead they killed my son.” Read more

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Internet harassment and online threats targeting women: Research review

(July 13, 2015 | Journalist's Resource) - Online harassment and threats are not a new phenomenon, but the degree to which these are directed at women and girls has begun to receive increased attention from news media, academia and law enforcement. Read more

15 of the Emmys' 18 leading actress nominees are over 35

By Zeba Blay
(July 17, 2015 | HuffPost Women] - This year's Emmy nominations included surprises, wearyingly predictable nods, and a few glaring snubs, but one of the most striking things about the nominations had to do with age. Of the 18 leading actress nominees across comedy, drama, and mini-series, 15 of them are over the age of 35. Read more

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The most and least racially diverse U.S. religious groups

By Michael Lipka
(July 27, 2015 | PewResearch.Org) - The nation’s population is growing more racially and ethnically diverse – and so are many of its religious groups, both at the congregational level and among broader Christian traditions. But a new analysis of data from the 2014 Religious Landscape Study also finds that these levels of diversity vary widely within U.S. religious groups. Read more

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