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ElliotT Working Memory Laboratory

Welcome to Dr.Elliott's Working Memory Laboratory website.

Emily M. Elliott, PhD
Emily M. Elliott

Emily received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Missouri in Columbia. While at the University of Missouri, Emily worked with Dr. Nelson Cowan examining the effects of distracting sounds on the performance of children and adults in various tasks. Emily is particularly interested in understanding the irrelevant speech effect, in which sounds that are irrelevant to a serial recall task nonetheless impair performance.

We conduct research on working memory, with a focus on the interaction of attention and memory. We are interested in the information that people remember over the short term; more specifically, how do people choose which details to attend to, and how do they preserve memories in the presence of distracting sounds? To answer our questions about the structure of the memory system, and how individuals control their attention, we do research with both children and adults.

We study practical problems, such as how do ringing cell phones affect students while listening to a lecture? We also study theoretical issues pertaining to how memory processes may change as individuals develop. We play “computer games” with children and adults, to gain a better understanding of memory functioning between the elementary school and college years.

If you are interested in learning more about our research, or participating in one of our studies please contact us. We can be reached via email at elliottlablsu@gmail.com.

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