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Welcome to the website for Dr. Papesh’s Eye Movements, Memory, and Attention (EMMA) Laboratory!

The EMMA lab conducts research on core cognitive processes related to human perception and memory. To fully understand these processes, we use converging techniques to study multiple, interrelated phenomena (e.g., memory for words, sentences, and faces). These techniques include classic behavioral methods, often coupled with eye-tracking, pupillometry, dynamic mouse-tracking, or (with collaborators at Barrow Neurological Institute) single-cell neural recording.

Specific research questions cover a range of practical and theoretical problems, with the goal of understanding the relationship between attention, perception, and memory. Whenever possible, we attempt to study the theoretical and applied aspects of different phenomena. In our research on face perception and recognition, for example, we study the own-race bias, and how differences in encoding, storage, or retrieval might underlie recognition deficits. The more applied research question asks how perceivers are able to quickly (and sometimes accurately) process unfamiliar faces in the service of face-to-photo ID matching.

If you are interested in learning more about our research projects, or joining the lab as a research assistant, please contact us.

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