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Norimoto Murai


Dyer, J. M., Nelson, J. W., and Murai, N. 1995. Extensive modification for methionine enhancement in the -barrels do not alter structural stability of the bean seed storage protein phaseolin. J Protein Chem. 14, 665-678.

Zheng, Z., K. Sumi, K. Tanaka, and Murai, N. 1995. The bean seed storage protein -phaseolin is synthesized, processed and accumulated in the vacuolar type-II protein bodies of transgenic rice endosperms. Plant Physiol. 109, 777-786.

Kawagoe, Y., and Murai, N. 1992. Four distinct nuclear proteins recognize in vitro the proximal promoter of bean seed storage protein -phaseolin gene conferring spatial and temporal control. Plant J. 2: 927-936.

Sathasivan, K., Haughn, G. W., and Murai, N. 1991. The molecular basis of imidazolinone herbicide resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana var. Columbia. Plant Physiology. 97: 1044-1050.

Murai, N., Li, Z., Kawagoe, Y., and Hayashimoto, A. 1991. Transposition of the maize activator element in transgenic rice plants. Nucl. Acids Res., 19: 617-622.

Murai, N., Sutton, D. W., Murray, M. G., Slightom, J. L., Merlo, D. J., Reichert, N. A., Sengupta-Gopalan, C., Stock, C. A., Baker, R. F., Kemp, J. D., and Hall, T. C. 1983. Phaseolin gene from bean is expressed after transfer to sunflower via tumor-inducing plasmid vectors. Science 222: 476-482.


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