Steps to Submitting Grants.Gov Proposals

Grants.Gov Website: HELPDESK (800) 518-4726


  1. You do not need to register in LSU is already registered.
  2. Find the opportunity you are submitting to and download the application package and application Instructions.
  3. Complete the Application Package offline. Save changes to your application as you go.  For assistance, see application instructions on the Apply for Grants website.
  4. When your application is ready to be routed and submitted, upload your Grant Application file in the Attachment Tab of the Sponsored Programs System (SPS).
  5. Once OSP has completed the required review of your proposal in SPS, an OSP Specialist will contact you to coordinate submission of the application to

You can search for grants here.

The Grants.Gov training page is located here.  Please note that LSU is already registered and faculty members do not need to register for individual accounts.  

Below are samples of SF 424 forms filled out with LSU's information:

Sample SF 424

Sample NIH SF 424 R&R

Sample Non-NIH SF 424 R&R


Below are samples of complete application packages:

Sample NIH Adobe package version D (For proposals due on or after May 25, 2016)


Guidance on developing your NIH budget can be found here