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AAUP LSU Chapter - Committee for Academic Freedom and Professional Integrity

Created in May 2007 by the LSU Chapter of the AAUP


Professor Dominique G. Homberger (Dept. of Biological Sciences); zodhomb@lsu.edu ; 225-578-1747; Homepage

Professor Charles Delzell (Dept. of Mathematics), delzell@math.lsu.edu ; 225-578-1602

Professor Brooks Ellwood (Dept. of Geology & Geophysics); ellwood@lsu.edu ; 225-578-3416

Professor Brij Mohan (School of Social Work); dialog@cox.net; 225-578-1345


Academic freedom and professional integrity are defended and protected one person at a time.

Mission Statement:

The Committee for Academic Freedom and Professional Integrity has been established to lend a sympathetic and non-judgmental ear to colleagues and students in distress. It is composed of senior faculty members who are actively involved in teaching, research, and service -- individuals who are experienced in serving as peer or faculty advisors to colleagues and students. The Committee focuses on mediation (not confrontation) between parties and seeks win-win and fair solutions for all parties involved. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. To make an appointment, any member of the committee may be contacted by e-mail or phone.

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