Welcome to the official website of the research project Smart Adhesively Bonded High-Performance Joint for Composite Structures funded by NASA-BoR under contract No. NASA/LEQSF(2007-10)-PHASE3-01. This project covers a three-year period from 10/01/2007 09/30/2010. The goal of this project is to provide NASA with durable, reliable, and intelligent adhesively bonded composite joints, and enhance NASA missions as well as related research infrastructure and workforce training in Louisiana. In particular, the research objectives are to: (i) dramatically and self-adaptively reduce peel/shear stress concentrations at the adhesive bondline, (ii) self-monitor, self-control, and self-heal the composite joint system in-situ, and (iii) extend the service life of aged/aging aircraft. The educational objective is to develop a research-oriented approach designed to attract and retain a greater number of high caliber students, including minority students, in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, and to provide a well-trained workforce for Louisiana and for NASA and related industries.

In this website, you will find information and research/educational progress of this project, including: project profile, personnel, NASA collaborators, related journal publications and conference proceedings/presentations, facilities and equipment, and management. For more information or comments, please contact either Dr. Guoqiang Li or Dr. Su-Seng Pang as listed below.