Museum Seminar Series


The Museum Seminar Series is a weekly research talk at the LSU Museum of Natural Science given by invited speakers and LSU personnel that revolves around topics of natural history, ecology, or evolutionary biology. Seminars are open to the public and take place on Fridays at 3:30pm in the museum exhibits area. See schedule below.


Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule


Download pdf here.


January 13

Museum Expedition Travelogues
Ryan Burner & Glenn Seeholzer - Ornithological expeditions to Indonesia and Peru

January 20

Dr. Kevin Rowe, Museum Victoria (Melbourne, Australia)
Title: "Museums and global change from speciation to the Anthropocene"

January 27

Dr. Sean Doody, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: “Paradise Poisoned: Impacts of a Toxic Invasive Toad on an Australian Animal Community”

February 3

Dr. Catherine Linnen, University of Kentucky
Title: "From mutations to species: Causes and consequences of host use variation in pine sawflies"

February 10

Dr. Lainy Day, University of Mississippi
Title: “Complex Adaptations for Acrobatic Display in Manakins (Pipridae)”

February 17

Dr. Jennifer Lamb, University of Southern Mississippi
Title: "Dusky salamanders in the Gulf Coastal Plain: diversity and gene flow across and within drainages"

February 24

No Seminar – Mardi Gras

March 3

Dr. Vinson Doyle, LSU Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology
Title: “Revisiting known knowns in plant-associated fungal diversity”

March 10

Dr. Brian Crother, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: "Re-Thinking the Fundamental Unit of Biogeography: Area of Endemism"

March 17

Chaz Hyseni, University of Mississippi
Title: “Phylogeography of the eastern subterranean termite Reticulitermes flavipes: demographic history and niche evolution in the Appalachian Mountains"

March 24

Lisa Elizondo, LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources
Title: "Felis catus: An Ecological Cat-astrophe"

March 31

Tim Colston, University of Mississippi
Title: "The Evolution of Squamate Reptile Gut Microbiomes"

April 7

Dr. Julia Clarke, University of Texas at Austin
Title: TBD. Research interests: bird paleontology

April 14

No Seminar – Spring Break

April 21

Dr. Amanda Glaze, Georgia Southern University
Title: "Unspeakable, Forbidden, Taboo: Conversations about evolution in the American Southeast"

April 28

Dr. Thomas Lacher, Texas A&M University and IUCN
Title: “The IUCN Global Assessments and Their Use in Biodiversity and Conservation Research"

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