Highlights from the 2018
Louisiana Redistricting Summit

Meet the Presenters and Panelists here!

Redistricting in Louisiana

Presented by Robert Travis Scott, Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) President

Louisiana’s Redistricting History

Moderator: Beth Courtney

Panelists: Sen. Norby Chabert, Former Senator Ed Murray, Sen. Neil Riser, Rep. Pat Smith

National Trends in Redistricting

Moderator: Mary L. Werner

Panelists: Michael Li, Dr. Brian Marks, and Dr. Jonathan Winburn

Voices of Louisiana's Future

Moderators: Frederick Bell and Sarah Procopio

Panelists: Tre Nelson, Mitch Rabalais, Leah Sanders, Ben Storch, Adarian Williams

The Politics of Redistricting

Moderator: Dr. Martin Johnson

Panelists: Representative Julie Emerson, Representative Marcus Hunter, Senator Ronnie Johns, Senator Ed Price

Looking Ahead: Opportunities for Reform

Moderator: Robert Travis Scott

Panelists: Representative Ted James, Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger, Representative Tanner Magee, Representative Julie Stokes

Keynote: Good Government Matters

Introduction: Tony Davis

Speaker: Jay Dardenne, Louisiana Commissioner of Administration and former Louisiana Secretary of State


Other Media: PowerPoint Presentations
from the Redistricting Summit

Historical Redistricting Maps
(Introduction & throughout the day)

Redistricting in Louisiana
(Accompanied presentation by Robert Travis Scott)

Redistricting Commissions in the U.S.
(accompanied presentation by Dr. Jonathan Winburn)