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Renee Carter

Renee Carter

Assistant Professor of Veterinary Ophthalmology
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

What was your previous position and where?

I am proud to say that I am an alumna of LSU. I completed my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Prior to my return to LSU as a member of the faculty, I spent four years in a combined residency and fellowship in comparative ophthalmology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What brought you to LSU?

I am originally from Lafayette and at the end of four years in Wisconsin, I was eager to return to Louisiana. I missed family, warm weather and fantastic food! I was interested in an academic position that allowed me to pursue my research interests as well as provide clinical training to veterinary students.

What is your research interest?

My primary research interest is in corneal disorders of companion animals. My work has focused on infectious diseases that impact corneal health and on the role of matrix metalloproteinases and integrins in corneal wound healing disorders of dogs. Additionally, I am collaborating on a project to investigate the role of Leptospirosis in the pathogenesis of Equine Recurrent Uveitis, or ERU. This is a painful, blinding condition of horses that we see with high frequency in Louisiana.

What do you hope to accomplish at LSU?

I hope to further the knowledge of corneal wound healing disorders and increase the general level of knowledge of veterinary ophthalmology through the training of veterinary students. Hopefully, our work will reduce the frequency of painful ocular conditions of animals.

What do you enjoy most about LSU?

I enjoy the chance to collaborate with my colleagues, teaching students and having the opportunity to work with the tremendous staff at LSU. I especially enjoy the beautiful campus and many opportunities that LSU provides for professional growth. Also, I love LSU football and Tiger Band!

What are your major accomplishments?

I am one of three board certified veterinary ophthalmologists in the state. Since my arrival at LSU, we have been able to expand our ability to serve the public and offer full-time clinical ophthalmology services for clients, patients and referring veterinarians.


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