Map of the Acadian Triangle. Avoyelles Parish Evangeline Parish St. Landry Parish Vermilion St. Martin Parish Lafayette Parish Ascenison Parish Lafourche Parish Acadian Triangle

Ascension Parish

  • Child 57 little boy SWE (Southern White English), 4 years old
  • Child 59 little boy SWE, 6 years old
  • Child 58 little boy SAAE, 6 years old
  • Child 55 little girl SAAE, 6 years old (has a post-nasal drip)

Avoyelles Parish

Evangeline Parish

Lafayette Parish

  • Gabriel Ledet French speaker at home then learned English in school, from Breaux Bridge, age in the 70s

Lafourche Parish

St. Landry Parish

  • Roland age 23, self identifies as a Cajun, learned French and English since birth, considers himself bilingual
  • Joseph Dugas Creole French speaker from childhood, 65 years old

St. Martin Parish

  • Emmert Charles Creole French, 83 years old, he and his parents are from St Martinsville, 8th grade education and Military school/training, French/English/Creole from childhood

Vermilion Parish