Overview of Benefits and Appointments

The Louisiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (LA-STEM) Research Scholars Program focuses on scholarly undergraduate productivity and success, and is one of the most prestigious awards offered by the University. Each Louisiana State University LA-STEM Research Scholar will be awarded a scholarship valued at over $12,000 for the academic year, which includes paid room/board, books/supplies, a cash stipend, and eligibility for additional travel funds. Please note that the total amount of scholarship money a student may receive is limited by Louisiana State University's cost of attendance, and benefits provided by the LA-STEM Research Scholars Program will be reduced as necessary to assure that the cost of attendance is not exceeded. Students receiving scholarship funds from multiple sources should contact the Office of Student Aid and Scholarships.

Scholars are also required to participate in the Office of Strategic Initiatives Summer Bridge Program, which includes paid tuition, room/board, and a stipend for books and supplies for the summer. For Louisiana residents, academic-year tuition will be paid for by a TOPS scholarship. Non-residents should apply for tuition and non-resident fee waivers through the Office of Student Aid and Scholarships. Students may receive the LA-STEM Research Scholarship for multiple years.
The LA-STEM Research Scholars Program honors academic excellence and potential for scholarly success. Research Scholars participate in a variety of activities designed to provide them with a supportive and productive environment.

All scholars must participate in the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) Summer Bridge Program, an intensive summer program that takes place during June and July, before their first semester of appointment. Scholars will begin preparing for research during this summer program and in their first semesters in the program and will be actively engaged in undergraduate research by the fall semester of their second year.

Scholars must maintain high academic standards in order to remain in the program, as well as fulfill program requirements, including enrolling in a series of courses designed to facilitate their success as mentors, students, and researchers.