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Louisiana Fisher Lance Nacio explains deck freezer system

Lousiana Fisher Lance Nacio, owner of Anna Marie Seafood shows his innovative flash freezer system that allows him to immediately freeze (and without chemicals) the wild-caught shrimp he sells to consumers, stores and restaurants .

Watch the Video
Watch the Video (Available on YouTube)

Wild caught shrimp and tailnets — Louisiana Fisher Lance Nacio

Lance Nacio talks about the importance of buying wild caught, local shrimp. He also discusses the technology used to reduce by-catch.

Watch the Video
Watch the Video (Available on YouTube)

Geographic Impact of Hurricanes

The following video presents a hurricane mapping activity designed to show the geographic reach of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The three and a half minute video shows how the relative area affected by the two hurricanes could impact other parts of the country if they were struck by a similar natural disaster.

Watch the Video
Watch the Video

Accelerated Recovery in a Post-Disaster Environment

From the moment Hurricanes Katrina and Rita cleared, Louisiana Sea Grant personnel have been involved in recovery efforts that will continue for many more years. In those early days following the storms, Sea Grant had to redefine its role in a significantly altered coastal zone landscape. This 17-minute film examines Louisiana Sea Grant’s large- and small-scale recovery efforts.

Watch the Video
Watch the Video
(22.9MB Windows Media Video file)

Louisiana Sea Grant's Rapid Response:
Accelerated Recovery in a Post-Disaster Environment

By Rod E. Emmer, Ph.D., Michael Liffmann and Lisa C. Schiavinato, J.D.

Download: RapidResponse.pdf (448KB PDF)

GIS Presentations

The following presentations offer information covering topics including an introduction to Geographic Information Systems, how it can be used by local governments and software options. Jackie Mills, former assistant professor-research and coordinator of the Louisiana State University Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Clearinghouse Cooperative, instructor.

View Presentations

Sister Storms: A Louisiana Sea Grant Response

Sister Storms: A Louisiana Sea Grant ResponseOn August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated southeast Louisiana. Only a few weeks later on September 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita caused similar destruction on the state's southwest coast.

Nine months following the storms, south Louisiana still struggles with recovery.

This video chronicles the professional response and personal stories of three Marine Extension agents living and working in the areas affected by the storms.

Watch the Video
Watch the Video
(19.81MB Windows Media Video file)

An Oral History of Louisiana Sea Grant

Established in 1968, Louisiana Sea Grant has played a significant role in coastal stewardship in the state. Two men who guided Louisiana Sea Grant for nearly 40 years are Dr. Jack Van Lopik, LSG’s first executive director who retired in 2005, and Ron Becker, associate executive director who has been with the program since 1970. In the accompanying audio files, they recall the founding of the program and its early years.

Photo: Dr. Jack Van Lopik
Photo: Ron Becker
Dr. Jack Van Lopik
Ron Becker
(29.12MB MP3 audio file)
(21.45MB MP3 audio file)


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