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Image: A white egret sits over a nest of babies in the trees.A broad cross-section of the state's population -- scientists, educators, fishermen, aquaculturists, legislators, recreational boaters, and many others whose lives are linked to coastal land and water -- depends upon the information made available by Louisiana Sea Grant College Program. Disseminating information through advisory outreach is the communications staff’s primary purpose.

A second, equally important Communications purpose is establishing the identity of Louisiana Sea Grant as a resource for information on coastal and marine issues.

In recent years, change related to severe coastal land loss and declining fisheries have caused people from many walks of life to search for ways to recover economically and environmentally and to improve circumstances for their own and future generations. They need science-based information to make effective decisions as they search for ways to create jobs, improve resources, and educate future generations of scientists, teachers and business people. Some of these people rely on popular, general media to secure such information; others use professional, peer-reviewed publications. Louisiana Sea Grant's Communications staff develops and distributes information through all types of publications, Web pages, conference displays, audio, and video products to supply information to Louisiana's coastal communities.

Most Louisiana Sea Grant publications may be ordered from the Louisiana Sea Grant Communications Office, 101 Sea Grant Building, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. Contact Roy Kron for more information about Sea Grant’s communications products.

Many of these publications and additional publications on similar subjects may be borrowed from the National Sea Grant Library, an archive of all Sea Grant-funded documents located at the University of Rhode Island.

Other Resources

Louisiana Sea Grant Logos
Louisiana Sea Grant–funded researchers and students are encouraged to use the Louisiana Sea Grant logo on posters and in presentations whenever appropriate.

Louisiana Sea Grant Photos
Photos can be downloaded and used in presentations, posters and other media, providing the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program receives photo credit.

Guide to Sea Grant Coastal Science Experts
Scientists with expertise on specific coastal and marine topics can be contacted by using the Guide to Sea Grant Coastal Science Experts or the Louisiana Experts Guide.

Sea Grant National Media Page

NOAA’s Central Library and Information Center

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