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Faculty and Existing Catalogue Courses by Department

Note: All departments and most faculty members offer independent study and directed readings / research courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, allowing students to work intensively on topics related to our program. The course numbers in question are not listed here.

African and African-American Studies

FACULTY: (drawn from other departments)

2000 Introduction to African and African-American Studies
2050 Contemporary Africa
2511 Race Relations

Department of English

Angeletta Gourdine (African American, African diaspora, and Caribbean literatures)
Rosanne Jordan (Folklore, with special expertise in women’s culture and Hispanic folklore)
Katherine Henninger (Southern Literature, Visual Culture, Women’s and Gender Studies)
Nghana Lewis (African American and Southern literature)
John W. Lowe, (Louisiana, African American, and Southern literatures)
David Madden (Civil War literature)
Elisabeth Oliver (Linguistics)
Peggy W. Prenshaw (Southern Literature, Women’s Studies)
Keith A. Sandiford (African American and Caribbean literatures)
David J. Smith (Poetry)
Emily Toth (Women’s Studies, Kate Chopin)
Edward White (Colonial literature)

2123 Studies in Literary Traditions and Themes. (Could be used for a variety of center courses.)
2173 Louisiana Literature
2175 The Civil War in Literature
2222 Popular Fictions
2231 Reading Film as Literature (Could focus on depictions of Louisiana and the Caribbean)
2423 Introduction to Folklore (Also Anthropology 2423)
2593 Images of Women: An Introduction
2673 Literature and Ethnicity
2674 Introduction to African-American Literature
2823 HONORS: Studies in Literary Traditions and Themes
3674 Survey of African-American Literature
4173 Studies in Southern Literature
4220 Black Drama and Theatre (also as Theater 4220)
4222 Studies in Popular Fictions
4231 Studies in Literature and Film
4234 Studies in Literature and Politics
4475 American Folklore (also as Anthropology 4475)
4480 Folklore and Literature
4674 Studies in African American Literature

7173 Literature of the American South
7174 Afro-American Literature
7423 Studies in Folklore
7783 Studies in Film
7920 English Seminar (when offered with appropriate topics)
7974 Special Studies in American Literature (ditto)
7975 Studies in African American Literature (ditto)
7982 Studies in Contemporary Literature (ditto)
7985 Seminar in Modern Fiction (ditto)
7986 Studies in the Short Story (ditto)
7987 Seminar in Modern Poetry (ditto)
7988 Seminar in Modern Drama (ditto)
7989 Studies in Prose Genres (ditto)

Department of French and Franco-phone Studies

Sylvie Dubois (Applied Linguistics, Cajun French)
J. Jefferson Humphries (Caribbean and Southern literatures)
Alexandre Leupin (Caribbean and Diasporan literatures)
Nathaniel Wing (Caribbean and Diasporan literatures)


Minor in Cajun French (includes 1201, 1202, 2201, 2202, 3280)
3090 Francophone Texts and Contexts (when offered with appropriate content)
4064 Pidgin and Creole Languages
4065 Louisiana French
4070 Literature of Africa and the Caribbean
4080 Special Topics in French/Francophone Cultures and Civilizations (when offered with appropriate content)
4090 French and Francophone Women Writers

7206 Louisiana French and Bilingualism
7960 Special Topics in French Literature (when offered with appropriate content)
7970 Seminar in French Literature (ditto)

Department of Foreign Languages

Laura Martins (Contemporary Literature and Film)
Margaret Parker (Hispanic Women Writers)
Arnulfo G. Ramirez (Linguistics)


3074 Advanced Readings on Hispanic-American Civilization
4082 Modern Spanish-American Prose Fiction in Translation
4100 Women Writers in the Hispanic World
4144-46: Latin American Literature by period (when offered with appropriate content)
4200 Literature and Culture of Hispanics in the United States
4915 Independent Research in Spanish or Spanish-American Literature (when offered with appropriate content)
4917 Independent Research in Spanish or Spanish-American Linguistics (when offered with appropriate content)

7940 Topics in Spanish American Literature: Beginnings to 19th Century (when offered with appropriate content)
7946 Topics in Spanish American Literature: 19th Century to the Present (ditto)
7970 Comparative Studies in Hispanic Literature (ditto)
7980 Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics (ditto)
7984 Spanish in the United States
7990 Special Topics in Hispanic Criticism (when offered with appropriate content)

Department of Geography and Anthropology

Jay D. Edwards (Vernacular architecture of Louisiana and the Caribbean; linguistics)
Paul Farnsworth (Plantation archeology; Caribbean Studies)
Joyce M. Jackson (Folklore; Ethnomusicology)
Mary H. Manhein (Forensic anthropology)
Miles E. Richardson (Latin American anthropology)

4003 Indian Civilization of Middle and South America
4004 The North American Indians
4017 Louisiana Archeology
4023 Latin American Cultures
4050 Black Music in America
4051 Africa
4053 African American Cultures
4064 Pidgin and Creole Languages
4440 Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture
4470 Folklore of the African Diaspora

4032 Brazil and the Caribbean Area
4050 Historical Geography of the South

GRADUATE COURSES (Anthropology):
7074 Poetics of Place
7108 Mesoamerican Archeology

Department of History

Gaines M. Foster (Post-Reconstruction South)
Paul E. Hoffman (Caribbean and Colonial Louisiana)
Leonard K. Moore (African-American, Modern U.S.)
John C. Rodrigue (Louisiana History)
Tiwanna M. Simpson (Colonial Slavery, African-American History)
Mark Thompson (Colonial America, Atlantic History)

2085-2086 Latin American Survey
3071 Louisiana History
4067 African-American History to 1876
4068 African-American History since 1876
4071 Antebellum South
4072 The New South
4073 Louisiana to 1815
4081 The Caribbean: 1492-1830
4200 African-Americans in Louisiana
4202 Black Nationalism

7958 Research Seminar: Special Topics in American History (when offered with appropriate content)
7981-84: Seminar in Latin American History (when offered with appropriate content)

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Carolyn M. Jones (African American literature; Southern literature and religion)
Roger M. Payne (Southern religion)
Ina Fandrich (Afro-Caribbean religion)

220l: Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and Charismatics
3010: Special Topics in Religious Studies
3051: Apocalypse: Then and Now
3235: Literature and Religion: An Overview
3238: Religion and Film
4032: Religion, Gender, and Society
4171: Religion in Southern Culture

Department of Political Science

William A. Clark (comparative politics)
Wayne Parent (Louisiana politics)

4063 Comparative Politics of Developing Areas

School of Music

William Grimes (Jazz)

2000: History of Jazz
2053, 2054: Survey of Music History I, II
4351, 4352: Song Literature I, II
4753, 4754: Folk and Traditional Music, I, II

Linguistics Program

Sylvie Du Bois (Cajun and Creole)
Arnulfo G. Ramirez (Spanish)
Janna B. Oetting (Communications Disorders)
Elisabeth Oliver (Pidgin and Creole)

4060 Language and Culture
4064 Pidgin and Creole Languages










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