Adding Dependents To LSU Medical Health Insurance PlanFieldhouse Drive

  • Both F and J students must be enrolled in the LSU Student Medical Health Insurance Plan in order to add dependents to the LSU student medical health insurance plan.

  •  In addition to the Gallagher on-line waiver portal request, students may enroll their dependents on line at: 

  •  Do not add your dependents through MyLSU or Gallagher Student Health/United HealthCare online website since this will cause errors and insurance problems.
  • If you added your dependent(s) to your Spring/Summer LSU Student Medical Health Insurance plan, their coverage is effective from January 6, 2018 through August 13, 2018.
  • J students will be contacted by International Services to submit proof of insurance if covered by a private medical health insurance plan for themselves and/or their J-2 dependent(s) as required by the U.S. Department of State and the University.
  •  For questions regarding the process, please contact United Healthcare Gallagher at 1-844-288-4920 or








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