Requirements for Political Science Majors

These requirements apply to students entering LSU in Fall 2016 and later.  Scroll down for the requirements in place for those enrolled before Fall 2016

These requirements are in addition to the general degree requirements for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The undergraduate must take these requirements:

  • Majors must take a minimum of 33 hours of political science course work
  • a minimum of 18 of these hours at the 3000-level and above
  • Course work in Political Science must be divided as follows: 12 hours in one field in the student's primary field (American, Comparative, International, or Theory)
  • 6 hours in each of two other fields
  • 9 hours (or more)of political science electives, which may be distributed among any fields

Courses listed under more than one field may be applied to only one field. Students must earn a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in Political Science courses.

Political Science courses are divided into four fields: (1) American government and politics; (2) Comparative government and politics; (3) International politics and law; and (4) Political theory. All students take Introduction to American Government (POLI 2051 or POLI 2052) and must take one course from each of the other three fields. Courses count in fields as follows:

Field I

American Government and Politics

Field II

Comparative Government and Politics

Field III

International Politics and Law

Field IV

Political Theory


POLI 1001, 2001, 3901, 3909 and 4001 may not be counted toward fulfilling field distribution requirements, but may be counted toward the 9 hours of political science electives. Each field has a special topics course available that may be taken for up to 6 hours of credit when topics vary. These courses are: POLI 4000 (American Government and Politics); POLI 4040 (International Politics and Law); POLI 4060 (Comparative Government and Politics); and POLI 4090 (Political Theory). In addition, POLI 4996, POLI 4997, POLI 4998, POLI 4999 may count toward a Political Science field with approval of the departmental advisor.

General Degree Requirements: Humanities and Social Sciences: Bachelor of Arts

Minimum grade-point average of 2.0 on all work taken in the LSU system and on all work taken. Minimum grade-point average of 2.0 in the major field on all work taken at LSU and elsewhere. Minimum of 120 semester hours of degree credit. 
Minimum of 30 semester hours in courses numbered 3000 or above. (45 hours for the General Studies Major, 15 of which must be 4000 level.)
Minimum of 15 semester hours in residence in major field, including at least 9 hours in courses numbered 3000 or above. 
Minimum of 30 semester hours in residence in the college. The last year of work (last 30 semester hours) will be taken in residence in this college on the LSU campus.

Courses count as follows:

Campaigns & Elections

Law & Legal Systems

Public Policy

Race & Politics