• We fund most of our PhD and MFA students with a full tuition waiver and an assistantship. These teaching stipends, of $17,500, which generally require teaching only one course per semester, compare to the best schools in the country for both programs.
  • Grants are available to help support conference travel.   
  • Incoming students without an MA generally work as teaching assistants in a large lecture course during their first year, leading one break-out discussion section per semester. Students entering with an MA are usually assigned their own section of English Composition.
  • In the fall of their first or second year—depending on the highest degree they have earned before enrolling at LSU—students are normally assigned their own section of English Composition, one per semester.  Students concurrently take a course in how to teach first-year composition to provide pedagogical training and support.  Later in their graduate careers, all our students teach literature or creative writing.
  • Competitive dissertation-year fellowships and extra-year funding beyond the terms of the assistantship are also available but not guaranteed.