Visual & Mediated Communication

Recommended Courses

1061 Fundamentals of Communication
1150 Introduction to Communication Studies
2012 Introduction to Film
3012 History of Film
3013 Topics in Film Genres
3107 Rhetoric of Contemporary Media
3168 Rhetoric of Propaganda
3210 Computer Mediated Communication
3900 Selected Topics in Communication Studies
4142 Selected Topics in Performance Studies
4144 Performance Art
4169 Visual Rhetoric
4200 Practicum in Communication Studies
4312 Topics in Critical Media Theory and Practice 

Suggested Courses

2040 Introduction to Performing Literature
3040 Performance Composition
3041 Performance in Everyday Life
3106 Communication and Power
3115 Communication and Gender
4107 Communication as Culture
4112 Health Communication
4141 Analysis and Performance of Narrative
4165 History and Criticism of American Public Address
4166 History and Criticism of British Public Address


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