What is AFROTC?
AFROTC stands for the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.  It is a program that trains college students to become officers/leaders in the Air Force while they pursue their college degrees.


If I sign up, am I entering the Air Force?
No, you can try out AFROTC for two years (freshman and sophomore year), then walk away without any commitment if it’s not for you!


Do I have to sign up freshman year?
No, we can take new cadets during the spring of freshman year, as well as the beginning of sophomore year.


I’m in the Tiger Band-will I have time to do this?
AFROTC has cadets who are in the Tiger Band, as well as many other clubs and organizations. Many students find that they can work their schedules to accommodate several activities.


Will the Air Force make me deploy before I finish the program?


How do I sign up?
Just register for the following classes:

  •  Aerospace Studies (ASST) 1001
       The Foundations of the United States Air Force
  •  Aerospace Studies (ASST) 1011
       Leadership Laboratory I


I have more questions. Who can I talk to?
Call the AFROTC front office at (225)578-4407



   Guaranteed job upon graduation
   Competitive salary 
   Housing allowance
   Subsistence allowance
   Medical care
   Opportunities to travel/see the world
   A community of professionals
   Lifelong friendships
   Experience highly valued by the private sector
   No guesswork on what to wear for the day
   Veteran’s benefits (VA loans, GI Bill, etc)