2016 Plan Information




The Boon-Chapman contract will end on December 31, 2016. Current plan participants should continue to use their current debit card for any claims incurred in 2016 and through the grace period (March 15, 2017), if money is available.

To access the money in your account, you can either use your FSA Debit Card at the time of service, or you can file a claim form requesting reimbursement for eligible, out-of-pocket expenses.


Grace Period

There will be a grace period immediately following the end of the Plan Year for both Health care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts. This extension will provide participants additional time to incur expenses for reimbursement from the previous year’s account. The grace period will be available after the end of the Plan Year from January 1st through March 15th.

Filing FSA Claims

Filing a claim is as easy as completing a claim form and attaching a receipt. Timely filing of a claim will result in a timely reimbursement. All claims incurred during the grace period must be filed no later than May 15th.