Workday 28 Updates

Workday 28 will launch Saturday, March 11th. Some of the highlights of Workday 28 are listed below.

  • The employee’s Workday profile will have a new look. In addition to the new layout as displayed below, changes to the profile are highlighted in red.

Workday 28 profile preview

Core Compensation 

  • Manage Period Activity Pay Attachments
    • Departments have the capability of attaching any necessary documentation to the Period Activity Pay action.
    • The attachment can be viewed on the Personal tab of the worker profile under Documents.


  • Position and Requisition Numbers 
    • Position and requisition numbers will now be issued upon creation rather than upon completion. Therefore, departments will be able to better track the positions/requisitions they submit because numbers will be generated automatically.

Time Tracking 

  • Team Time Off
    • Workday 28 will enable employees to see time off request of supervisory organization teammates, helping them to make more informed time off request decisions and improving team communication.
    • This functionality will reduce the need to maintain a third-party absence calendar. When an employee accesses their time off calendar to initiate a request, the calendar will display the approved time off requests of supervisory organization teammates.
  • Upcoming Absences
    • Workday 28 will display approved time off requests that are scheduled in the next 30 days on the employee’s profile. 

Updated Job Aids

*All Updated on 3/10/17

Employee (pay)

View and Print Multiple Payslips (PDF)


HR SPECIALIST (Hiring and employment)

Create Position - HR Analyst (PDF) 

Create Position for Classified Employee Additional Job (PDF)

Edit Pre-Hire (PDF)


hr sPECIALIST (hcm cORE)

Add Additional Job for Classified Employee (PDF)

Add Job (PDF) 

Change Job - Job Details/Percent of Effort (PDF)

Change Job - Promotion (PDF)



Create Job Requisition (PDF)

Create Job Requisition for Student/GA (PDF)


HR specialist (recruiting)

Create Job Requisition (PDF)

Create Job Requisition for Gratis Worker (PDF) 

Create Job Requisition (WAE and Transient) (PDF)

Create Job Requisition for Classified Employee Additional Job (PDF)


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