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Undergraduate Study

 A degree in History does not qualify anyone for a certain profession, but the training one receives prepares him/her for all sorts of careers.  Some of our graduates pursue advanced degrees in law and business, some enter private enterprise such as banking and brokerage; some go to work in positions in federal, state, or local government, and some even enter medical or dental school, if they use their elective hours for the requisite science courses.  In a study by Forbes Magazine, the degree shared by the most CEOs of major American companies was History. 

            The Department of History offers five scholarships to its majors who are sophomores or juniors.  Students may submit applications in the spring for scholarships that are awarded in the next academic year.  For additional information, contact our undergraduate advisor.

                 The department also offers undergraduate seminars, independent study with individual professors, opportunity for study abroad, and an honors program in association with the Honors College.  Many of the department's course offerings are cross-listed with those of departments such as Economics, Philosophy, English, and the programs in African and African-American Studies  and Women's and Gender Studies. It is also possible to minor in history while pursuing a major in another field by taking at least 18 hours of course work in History. 

        Students are encouraged to apply to join the LSU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the International Honor Society in History.  They may also qualify for Phi Beta Kappa or Pi Kappa Phi.

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The History Major

    History majors must fulfill the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as those of the Department of History. The B.A. degree program in the Department requires you to take 12 hours of the basic introductory courses in European or World (HIST 1001 or 1005 and HIST 1003 or 1007) and U.S. History (HIST 2055 and HIST 2057).  You must also earn at least 21 additional hours in history, which may be selected from a broad spectrum of more advanced courses in the history of the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.  See the LSU Catalog description of the History program, here. 


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