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Spring 2007

Researchers leading efforts to establish the evolutionary history of birds (LSU Museum of Natural Science)

How mathematical modeling can help predict crack formation and prevent disaster (Department of Mathematics)

LSU NCBRT is bridging communication between the deaf community and emergency responders (National Center for Biomedical Research and Training)

College of Art & Design Efforts Helping to Rebuild New Orleans (College of Art & Design)

LSU Researchers Explore Gulf Floor and “Most Complicated Continental Slope in the World” (LSU Department of Oceanography & Coastal Studies)

LSU’s forensic accounting and internal audit courses prepare students for hot careers (LSU Center of Internal Auditing)

Traditions of New Orleans in recovery mode, along with city (LSU Department of Geography & Anthropology)

LSU researchers give Louisiana citizens and policy makers a clear vision of what a sustainable Louisiana coast can be (LSU School of the Coast & Environment)

LSU Alumnus Credits LSU for His Successful Teaching and Performing Career (LSU College of Music & Dramatic Arts)

Louisiana House: Building for the Future (LSU Ag Center)

Physics Students Teaming with NASA for Airborne Experiments (LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy)

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