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Art major Crystal Bergeron accepts first prize in the photography category for her piece "Abandoned."

Digital Media Fest Celebrates Talented Students

In a national study released in January, 89 percent of employers said the ability to effectively communicate is the essential skill they look for in today’s college graduates. So, it’s no surprise LSU has a dedicated program to help students strengthen their written, spoken, visual and technological communication skills:  Communication across the Curriculum, or CxC.

As part of this innovative program, each year CxC celebrates LSU students who are producing intellectual and creative work using digital media in and out of the classroom, through the LSU Digital Media Fest.

Digital media is quickly becoming the primary tool for communicating – and it’s more than just e-mail and teleconferencing. Digital media communication is about websites that articulate information, visualizations that demonstrate how something works, animation that entertains, videos that promote and share ideas, photos that tell stories, podcasts that disseminate news and much more.

The 2010 Digital Media Fest entries came from 150 students, representing 33 different majors across campus in the categories of film and video, animation, technical and scientific, photography, informational and promotion and academic/extracurricular “gumbo.”

The winners were determined by 20 academic and industry experts who judged the pieces.

In addition to the student competition, the Digital Media Fest hosted three educational sessions, including a roundtable discussion with a Memphis-based film company and a premier screening of its latest movie, “Daylight Fades,” at the Varsity Theatre; a hands-on workshop using Wacom’s advanced pen display technologies; and an interactive demo of Apple audio software and PreSonous hardware.

First-place winners at the 2010 LSU Digital Media Fest include:

  • Landscape Architecture’s Kaitlyn Weimer, for “Construction of the Borneo-Sporenburg Bridge,” in the Creative Animation category. Kaitlyn was awarded an Intuos 4 Medium Pen Tablet valued at $500 from Wacom Technologies.
  • Art’s Daniel Lachman, with Adam Libscumb, Daniel Williams and Carly Zimmerman, for “Heaven,” in the Film & Video category. Daniel won a FireStudio Mobile valued at $300 from PreSonus.
  • Economic’s Joshua Doguet, for “Digital Portfolio,” in the Informational & Promotional category.  Joshua won a Flip Camera valued at $200.
  • Art’s Crystal Bergeron, for “Abandoned,” in the photography category.  Crystal was awarded a $350 prize pack from B&H.
  • Art’s Ben Clancy, with co-creator Jared Tanner, for “Bob Dylan - Together Through Life,” in the Technical & Scientific category. Ben won a $200 gift card to Best Buy.
  • Mass Communication’s Joshua Pereira, for “Survivor Bush: Hidden Oaks,” in the Academic/ Extracurricular Gumbo category. Joshua won a $300 Nintendo Wii from EA Sports Tiburon.

In addition to the first place prizes, several deans sponsored scholarship awards to recognize the students from their college who received the highest overall scores of all submissions. The 2010 Digital Media Fest Dean’s Award winners include:

  •  College of Art + Design Dean's Award:  Crystal Bergeron, Art, for “Abandoned.”
  • College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Award:  Max Zoghbi, Psychology, with Brandon Denley, Rikeem Sholes, Shah Amani and Chris Dupuis, for “Menfuthlick Attini.”
  • College of Science Dean's Award:  Mustafa Hajij, Mathematics, for “Turaev Surfaces.”
  • College of Engineering Dean's Award:  John Harvey, Electrical & Computer Engineering with co-creator Raghavendra Kongari for “Escher Illusion.”
  • Music & Dramatic Arts Dean's Award:  John Hebron, Theater, for “PDP Redbook Ad Spring 2010.”

During the Media Fest Showcase, students and faculty were invited to view all of the 150 submissions and vote for their favorite to win the coveted “Audience Choice Award.”  Viewers voted for Chemical Engineering’s Michael Bujol, for his technical & scientific piece titled “TwitDraw.”

“Our mission to expand the fest and engage students across the campus who are working with digital media really paid off this year,” said Fest coordinator Rebecca Burdette.  “It’s great to see students push the envelope and communicate their ideas in such creative and fascinating ways.”

Earlier this year, LSU CxC was named the 2010 Program of Excellence by the Conference on College Composition and Communication. The committee typically awards this designation to multiple programs each year, but commented that LSU “raised the bar” on academic programs and was deserving of being the sole recipient in 2010.

CxC says it plans to host its Fifth Annual Media Fest in Spring 2011. For more information, visit

Billy Gomila | Editor | Office of Communications & University Relations
May 2010