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WBRZ’s Anna Brown looks back on her LSU education

For university seniors, graduation season is finally here—the rumored “real world” is just around the corner. A year after graduating, mass communication alumna Anna Brown still reflects on her time at LSU and how it has affected her career, for the best.

After graduating, Brown was chosen for a yearlong WBRZ apprenticeship, which is a partnership with the Manship School of Mass Communication. Today, she is WBRZ’s assignment and Web editor.

“The university has played such a big role in who I am today,” she said. “I truly believe this trust and belief in my abilities stem from the fact my employers know my education at LSU has prepared me.”

Brown, a Slidell native, said her job carries many responsibilities. As an assignment editor, Brown develops and maintains sources reporters use every day for their news stories. She also develops and organizes story ideas for news coverage.

“The assignment desk is the lifeline for the newsroom,” she said. “It is my responsibility to maintain effective communication with news managers and staff on story coverage and plans.”

The apprenticeship taught Brown how to set up live shots, which can be seen on the evening and nightly newscasts. She also shares video from other ABC affiliates as part of her technical responsibility.

“When breaking news happens, I am the first one to know, and it is my responsibility to communicate it effectively to the rest of the newsroom so we can provide fair, accurate and balanced coverage,” she said.

As the Web editor, Brown writes and edits stories for, posting written and video updates from reporters in the field.

“From my apprenticeship, I’ve become a strong writer and an even stronger communicator,” she said. “I have improved upon the foundation LSU and the Manship School of Mass Communication helped me develop.”

As a student, the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication, along with the William Randolph Hearst Foundation named Brown among the top student broadcasters in the nation, earning 10th place in the television news category of the Journalism Awards Program.

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program was established in 1948 earning its name from William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was a leading newspaper publisher in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He also created one of the largest newspaper and magazine businesses in the world. The program recognizes students for excellence in college level journalism by awarding scholarships along with matching grants to the students’ schools.

Brown was alo the first LSU student to be named a Meredith-Cronkite Fellow, an honor given to only 12 people nationwide each year.

Brown worked as a reporter, an anchor and an assistant director at Tiger TV. She also worked at other stations including WWL-TV in New Orleans, WSB-TV in Atlanta and Guaranty Broadcasting in Baton Rouge.

Before graduation, Brown knew she wanted to remain in broadcasting and hoped her achievements would give her resume a boost. Brown’s hope was fulfilled when she received the opportunity at WBRZ.

“It feels great to be part of a team, to be important,” she said. “My job is demanding and exciting, and I am so grateful for this wonderful experience.”


Holly Phillips | Editor | Office of Communications & University Relations
March 2010