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Faculty art exhibition

The LSU School of Art is putting on a new kind of show—one for the professors. The Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery located in the Shaw Center for the Arts is currently showing the professional work of LSU School of Art faculty.

The exhibit is an annual event, which serves as a chance for students and the community to see the newest works by the School of Art faculty. The display features work in all media, including ceramics, design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

Assistant Professor of Ceramics Andy Shaw is including a collection of six dinner plates in this exhibit, his first.

“Functional pots are designed for food service. That said, I try to make forms that reference the visual vernacular of utilitarian dishes,” Shaw said. “I then apply pattern to the plates to connect with similar incidental domestic patterns that exist throughout a person’s home.”

Shaw’s plates are a clean white color with a textured design that varies in patterned lines and circles.

“The light glaze color is a deliberate choice,” Shaw said. “I would like the cook to have ample opportunities to compose a meal on a plate considering color and textures as they exist in their recipes. Rather than fixing color too boldly in the plates, I allow color to be changeable based on the menu.”

Participating artists include Jeremiah Ariaz, Kimberly Arp, Lynne Joddrell Baggett, Gerald Bower, Denyce Celentano, Michael Crespo, Paul Dean, Robert Hausey, Wei He, Christopher Hentz, Chris Johns, Kelli Scott Kelley, Leslie Koptcho, John A. Malveto, Malcolm McClay, Thomas Neff, Frederick Ortner, Rod Parker, Andy Shaw, Ed Smith, and Professors Emeriti James Burke, Melody Guichet, A.J. Meek, and Edward Pramuk.

The exhibit will remain on display in the Shaw Center for the Arts through February 15.

Holly Ann Phillips | Writer | Office of Communications & University Relations
January 2009