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Sustainability Manager Hired to Oversee Eco-Friendly Adjustments

These days, everyone is trying to be more environmentally conscious. But going green is not a simple task, especially for a research university of LSU’s size and stature. While there are already dozens of ongoing, proactive measures to cut back on waste, recycle goods and develop better campus practices, university administrators recognized the need for a group to organize existing efforts while continuing to develop new ones. Out of this, the Campus Committee for Sustainability, or CCS, and the position of Campus Sustainability Manager, housed within LSUís Department of Facility Services, were born.   

The recently created position of Campus Sustainability Manager is responsible for organizing and cataloging existing eco-friendly initiatives around campus as well as spearheading new ways to cut back on waste and carbon emissions. After an extensive candidate search and interview process, Denise Scribner, LSU alumna, was selected for the job. She will report findings to the administration, research grant opportunities relating to sustainability and coordinate campus and community relations in order to communicate LSU’s ongoing efforts to the faculty, students, staff and Baton Rouge area.

“I am excited about the energy on campus in students, faculty and the administration,” said Scribner. “Students want to lead environmental campaigns, faculty members are including sustainability in their curriculums and the administration is seeking ways to conserve and manage resources more efficiently.”

Scribner graduated from LSU with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, then moved to California, where she was a member of the City Green Team for Long Beach. She is a licensed engineer and is also LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council.   

Louisiana’s flagship university has a number of unique challenges to meet due to its sheer size, number of research facilities and the amount of students fed and housed on campus, among other complex issues.  LSU staff and faculty representatives from various groups and departments across campus serve on the CCS in order to lend greater perspective to the matters at hand.

The CCS also has student representation from the LSU Student Government and ECO, the Environmental Conservation Organization, a student organization dedicated to and instrumental in the advancement of sustainability, energy efficiency and alternative transportation across the LSU campus and throughout the greater Baton Rouge community by motivating and engaging students on these issues.

The CCS was developed to:

“LSU has been proactive on many fronts within the arena of sustainability for many years, not because it was trendy, but because it is the right thing to do,” said Jason Soileau, chair of the CCS and assistant director of Campus Planning at the Office of Facility Development. “The creation of the CCS and the Campus Sustainability Manager provides the tools and the organizational structure by which we can coordinate these efforts and advance the LSU green initiative in a collaborative effort, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.”

CCS is pursuing a 13-point plan that will look at the following issues as they relate to sustainability:

The group has also divided into four subcommittees for further in-depth discussion about energy management, facility management, process management and materials management, and how each of these broad categories might benefit from new efficiency measures.

The most immediate task for the CCS is to research, identify and recommend several high-impact goals that would be achievable within one year’s time.

“The Sustainability Committee, along with Denise and dedicated student groups such as ECO, will do LSU a great service by identifying efficient and pragmatic ways that the university can cut its emissions,” said LSU Chancellor Michael V. Martin. “It’s not going to be a fast or simple process, but we remain committed to LSU’s role as an environmentally responsible institution.”

Ashley Berthelot | Writer | Office of Public Affairs
Fall 2008

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