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Photo Gallery: STRIPES 2008
Each year, the STRIPES program provides first-year students at LSU with the opportunity to meet new friends and learn about the history and traditions of the University in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

STRIPES provides first-years with new perspective

Participants of STRIPES (Student Tigers Rallying, Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service) got an early taste of LSU culture. The STRIPES program is a four-day overnight retreat held in mid-August, designed to prepare first-year students for the transition to the University.
This year, students participated in group activities, ranging from campus tours to a mock football game in Tiger Stadium. Some of the participants offered their thoughts on STRIPES, LSU, and being a Tiger.

Name: Amanda Musso
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Intended area of study: Communication Disorders

It has been an amazing experience to really get to know my classmates. One of the biggest things I have learned is that we all have at least one thing in common, even if it is just being an LSU Tiger!
I have gained a genuine love and appreciation for LSU. Before coming here, I was never the person that really bled purple and gold. I actually shied away from it. STRIPES has taught me to embrace it and I can now say that I love LSU!

Name: Aric Dunaway
Hometown: Bogalusa, LA
Intended area of study: Microbiology

The thing I will remember most about the week is my new group of friends. Though we only spent three days together, we have really grown to know each other and I will never forget any of them.
Learning the LSU down cheers was an experience in itself. After our intense practices in the most amazing place on earth, Death Valley, it was almost as if the circle was completed and I felt like a real Tiger.

Name: Zack Cheaney
Hometown: Mandeville, LA
Intended area of study: Business

The most interesting thing I learned about LSU was all of the unique history.
Through STRIPES, I met new friends and learned a lot of information about LSU.
From this week, I’ll remember all of the good friends I have met. They are the people I’d never chill with in high school but definitely will in college.
The fais-do-do was awesome. Also, learning the cheers will help me at the games. Death Valley was the best part of this experience.

Name: Paul Gibbs
Hometown: Houston, TX
Intended area of study: Chemical Engineering

From STRIPES, I have gained friends, experience, knowledge, and memories of a great time.
I learned so much about Louisiana heritage and tradition. I’m from Texas, which seems like a world apart.

Name: Lindsay Stewart
Hometown: Metairie, LA
Intended area of study: Elementary Education

There are many ways that you can get involved to make LSU feel smaller and more personal.
Because of STRIPES, I feel a deeper connection and a better commitment to LSU.
What I’ll remember the most is a lesson: get to know people before making assumptions or casting an opinion on them.
The best part about all of these experiences is simply getting more comfortable with being an LSU Tiger.

Name: Cory Trahan
Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Intended area of study: Architecture

The most interesting part about LSU to me is all the different people that come to school here for the same common purpose.
I will definitely remember my new group of friends more than anything this week. From eating breakfast together, cheering as we walk, and staying up late to play cards, this will be a truly memorable time of my life.

Name: Claire Coudrain
Hometown: Covington, LA
Intended area of study: Mass Communication

It’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite part of STRIPES. I really appreciated that the activities have been well-rounded and diverse. It made for a place where we all felt welcome.
From STRIPES, I’ve gained the confidence to face my first days at LSU and to appreciate all that this University stands for.
Learning the LSU down cheers really allowed me to connect with the entire LSU community. We now all have in common the words, and more importantly, the spirit that breathes throughout this place.

Name: Christina Gutierrez
Hometown: Mandeville, LA
Intended area of study: Undecided

The most interesting thing I learned about LSU was the diversity. It will be such an awesome experience to be around such different cultures and to learn all about them.
From participating in STRIPES, I have gained a new outlook on what LSU has to offer and learned what it truly means to call LSU home.
By being able to learn the LSU down cheers, I feel like I am a bigger part of the LSU family and spirit. I loved being able to go into tiger stadium and have the feeling of being part of one big community.

Name: Erika Hackworth
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Intended area of study: Dental hygiene

Every single thing at LSU has a meaning and I love being part of such a tradition.
After participating in STRIPES, I’ve gained confidence in myself to always be open to anything and a better understanding of getting used to school.
I’ll never forget the people I met by every laugh and tear. Everything was worth the friendships I made.
Cajun dancing helped everyone that wasn’t from Louisiana get an understanding of our true culture and why we love where we live. The best part of it was seeing everyone get up and at least try.


Holly Ann Phillips | LSU Office of Public Affairs
Fall 2008

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